Gotta Have A Goal (or 2)

You’re updating your radio brand’s social media at least once a day.  What do you want in return?

Here’s a hint: x-number of “fans” or people who “like” you on Facebook is not enough.  Nor is it about numbers of hits on your YouTube videos.

What are the goals for your brand?  

Think about the metrics you’re most concerned about.  Is it building cume, or adding listening occasions?  Is it getting hits on your website … or building the number of page views per visit … or database signups?  Is it building sampling or interaction with your morning show?

How are you being measured that you’re most concerned about? That’s what your social media should be about. Don’t just do it to do it.

Remember, your fans turn on the radio to listen (one-way interaction).  They come online to engage with you (two-way interaction) about your brand.

You’re smart.  What does that make you think about doing now?

More to come tomorrow.  Comments, thoughts, questions?  Email me or drop in a comment below.


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