No One Reads Online

People scan web pages.  They don’t read them.

However, lots of radio social media efforts read like they’re scripts for DJ adlibs, or commercials.

You’ve seen them:

Hey, it’s Joe Jock on this Thursday! Could you use a little fun in your life? Radio 109.1 and our partner The Corner Bar are teaming up to bring you all the February Fun you need tonight in our next Weekend Warm-Up! Come meet all your friends from 109.1, and you might win lots of great 109.1 prizes and free gifts just for showing up and enjoying the special prices and goodies!  Listen all day today for details!!

Pay attention to how you look at a page when you’re online.  Your eyes automatically start looking around for what’s interesting or relevant to you.  You don’t read every word sequentially.

Brevity REALLY counts here. In addition … in social media, people are looking for interaction, information or honest emotion.

So how do you reinvent a boilerplate promotion for digital consumption?

What about one of these sample posts?

  • Click here for info about our next Weekend Warm-Up party to de-stress and have some fun tonight on your way home from work.  <<insert link to your website for time, place, map w/directions, photos, info on what you can win and how, special prices, etc.>>
  • Check out these pics of how much fun our Weekend Warm-Ups are!  Next one’s this afternoon after work at The Corner Bar <<link to your web page with pics and directions and other info>>
  • Bookmark our Radio 109.1 Events Guide so you always know the fun stuff in town, like our Radio 109.1 Weekend Warm-Up after work tonight at The Corner Bar <<again with the link to your website>>

P.S. — Yeah, these take a little planning to get going right.  But remember, you have goals you’re trying to hit, and stuff like this drives folks to your website.  Now go get planning with your webmaster!

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