More About Who “Likes” You & Why

I’ve worked for radio stations where the sales department would sometimes throw parties for their biggest advertisers.  Our most loyal clients got special attention.

Meanwhile, super-satisfying our most loyal listeners is a key to ratings success … but we haven’t always had a good way to stay in touch with the members of our audience who give us the most listening occasions.

Until now.

When someone searches you out online and signs up for your Facebook page or follows your YouTube video feed … trust me, they’re probably a fan!

Yet, so far, almost all stations are treating their social media contacts as identical to regular stations listeners.  They’re coming to you and saying, “I want more!”  Meanwhile, you’re tweeting your on-air promo liners at them, am I right?

When people choose to interact with you via social media, they’re looking for:

  • More info or access to music they love
  • More ways to interact with a morning show or personality they enjoy
  • More or easier ways to win contests
  • Deeper, more focused information about what they heard on your air
  • Special access to or advance notice of  events, promotions, tickets, etc.

Here’s something you can do right now to raise the perceived value of your social media efforts.  STOP giving your social media fans the same message you’re telling people on the air.  DO something for them, instead.  For example, don’t just tell them, “you could win free prizes at our next bar remote!”

Instead, give them a link with directions.  Or, give them access to a special prize drawing only for social media followers.  Or, give them a link to a page they can print or download to get a special discount.  Start thinking of your social media followers as your VIP list.

When you do on-air contests, don’t just tell them “listen all day today to win concert tickets!”  Instead, offer them special access:

  • “Another pair of concert tickets in 15 minutes.”
  • “You can win by listening, but we set aside an extra pair just for Facebook friends, and we’ll pick a winner from everyone who ‘likes’ this post.”
  • “Click below to listen online.”
  • “Shhhh … not only do special friends like you know that we’ll give away concert tickets starting Monday, but click here to go to a secret page on our website to win before anyone else can.”

Got it?  There’s a lot more ways to treat your fans like kings and queens, and we’ll go into more of those soon.

Meanwhile, make things easier on yourself, and start using a program like HootSuite to schedule all those time-sensitive updates in advance.

Got a question or comment? Jump in below or shoot me an email.  And if you missed it, here’s an earlier post on this subject.

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