Before the Next Morning Show

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on how radio personalities … morning shows, talk shows, higher-profile jocks in any daypart … can harness the power of social media and the web.

I’ve heard radio folks talk about needing “compelling content” online, as if whole new streams of content, at their websites, is what people are looking for.  The good news is … that’s crazy talk.

Listeners are coming to your website for a pretty short list of brand-related things they expect to locate easily, trust to be accurate, and find consistently updated.

If you have a show that’s quite a bit more than a jock doing liners and frontsells and backsells, there’s a lot you can do with the web that you’re not already doing. Before each show, you can use the power of your social media followers. Remember them? They’re some of your biggest fans.

It’s simple. Don’t just spring content on them the next day. Keep them in the loop, and engaged, as you plan the show the next day.

  1. As you block out each day’s show, you can put a description of each segment in an online schedule or grid that fans can see on the morning show page of the website, or on your social media page.
  2. You can get a feel for how people will react to content by “testing” your topics on your show page or on your Facebook page the day before, and see what sort of reactions you get. You can even quote them to get the topic started on the air. Jack Shell at WKDF in Nashville is doing a good job of this already.  You don’t have to tell people that you’re thinking of using it on the show the next day.  They’ll figure it out.  Just post the content, topic by topic separated by at least ten or fifteen minutes, and see what you get.  Again, a program like HootSuite lets you post stuff in advance to be scheduled at certain times.
  3. You could even post a video of the morning show team talking amongst themselves about the next day’s show on YouTube and link to it from your Facebook page or morning show webpage. This should NOT sound like a promo, but be a glimpse behind the scenes of how the show works and how the members interact with each other. Remember … it’s a gift of interaction for some of your biggest fans.

What ideas do you start thinking of when you read this?  Feel free to share below, or reach me by clicking “About” at the top of the left column.

Tomorrow and the next day, we’ll have more for you that you can do during the show … and then afterwards, too.

One other tip … have your webmaster institute Facebook Connect to allow listener comments on your website if you haven’t done so.  This makes it easy and approachable for people thinking about engaging with you online.  Plus … it’s all about engagement and interaction when it comes to your digital tools.


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