During the Next Morning Show

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on how radio personalities can harness the power of social media and the web.  Part 1 was about the lead-up to the next day’s show.

My goal is to give you some real, practical stuff you can put into effect to move your audience using social media and other digital tools.  Your social media fans include your ultra-P1-est of your P1’s.  They’re looking for engagement with you, and extra access to you.

If you’re doing a personality show, you can use your social media and website tools to do more effective:

  • audience recycling (getting your listeners from segment to segment); and
  • getting better listener engagement.

Better Recycling

Sure, you can look back into the past on people’s Facebook pages.  But social media is a real-time tool.  If you want to move people, don’t tell them the day before.  Don’t tell them hours before.  Tell them 10-15 minutes before something is going to happen on your show.

  • Battle of the Sexes pits a guy from Lawrenceville vs a gal from Buckhead in 10 minutes! Listen live here: <<streaming link>>
  • Kenny Chesney concert tickets are up for grabs in 12 minutes, so get our number in your phone now: 1-888-call-2-win

Timely, brief, helpful (with links or other information) … and completely free of typical radio jargon.

I recommend you leave out your name, the station name, and any excess explanation.  Give them something strong as a call of action; give them help accessing it with when and how to take part; and the fewer words, the better.  Remember you’re talking to your biggest fans, and no one reads on the web; they scan.  You can make frequent posts if you keep them all brief.

Look at programs like TweetDeck and HootSuite to schedule your social media in advance!

Getting Better Listener Engagement

If you’re doing content on-air and listeners will engage with you on the phone … they should engage with you online, too.

Yesterday, I suggested you get with your web person about Facebook Connect.  I learned that they’re changing the name, but the features are still available.  It’s an easily-accessible way for listeners to comment on your show web page.  Now, people can go online or on their phones during your show and interact with you that way, too.

You’ll never get a lot of listeners to do so, but you can get some passionate fans to join in the show this way.  You can get them to help start topics, give you reactions when you need one, and so on.  You can also, at the last minute, put up a topic for these folks to react to, and you can get a “gut feel” for whether it’s strong enough to go on-air with.

Tomorrow, in Part 3, we’ll talk about what your listeners want you to do after the show!


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