After the Morning Show

This is Part 3 of a three-part series on how radio personalities can harness the power of social media and the web.  Part 1 was about the lead-up to the next day’s show.  Yesterday’s Part 2 was about what you can do during the show.  Today, you’ll find what your biggest fans are expecting to find after they’ve heard you.

First, let’s review!

  • Your social media followers include your biggest fans.
  • They like your brand.  They go online to learn more and interact with you and what you’re already doing … not for fresh new, different streams of content.
  • So, they’re going online to continue and expand their relationship with you.


What this means for you, Mr. & Ms. Personality, is they want deep, focused info and interaction on what they heard you talking about.  That means, instead of reposting funny videos you found or showing everyone how cute your kids are, recap the day’s show.  Expand on what you talked about with:

  • links to more information (almost everything you discuss has more detail online…it’s a big reason people go online)
  • ask for comments on your show webpage or Facebook page to engage people (you might ask something specific like, “what would you have done if that had happened to you” instead of “give us your comments”)
  • do a poll on something you talked about
  • give the answers to contesting questions or trivia that people might have missed (is there something you could mention about tomorrow’s feature that would bring them back?)
  • post the names of winners to show to congratulate them, and help prove to people that folks really do win your contests

You can see you can do much of this pretty quickly on your Facebook page.  So, no excuses if your online content management system is too clunky to immediately do it at your page at the station website!

Plus, you’ll want to regularly remind your fans on the air that this information is available.  That’ll get people interacting with you and your show after-hours.  Especially if you then go back and do some of the stuff from Part 1 to get them back the next day!

Got any questions about this or anything in this blog?  Here’s how to contact me.  Tomorrow, we’ll have some basics for jock blogs.


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