Anyone Reading Those DJ Blogs?

Blogging is generally separate from social media … but since any blog post should be worth linking to from social media, here we go!   We’ve been learning over the last few years what makes a good blog successful. It’s about time for radio to start trying some of this stuff.

What makes a good radio blog?  Got an example for you.  At 97.1 ZHT in Salt Lake City, Jessica Ferguson on the Morning Zoo runs the “Hollywood Sleaze” blog.

1.  IT’S ABOUT SOMETHING. It’s fun-yet-just-juicy-enough photos of celebrities being themselves in public, or factoids about their lives … somewhere between fawning adoration and totally dissing these famous folks.  That’s ALL the blog is about.  Look at Jessica’s blog a month ago … today … or a month from now, and you know what you’ll find.  That’s good.

There’s no funny YouTube videos, no cute kid pics, no personal musings about stuff.  Not that any of that is bad; it’s just not what this blog is about.

Successful blogs are about something.  Your blog, as a radio personality, might be about everything that happened on your show today (like we talked about yesterday).  If so, that’s all it should be about.  Plus … if there are other people on your show, your blog shouldn’t be just about what you said or did.

That’s not the only possibility.  Instead, it might be about new music coming out in your station’s format.  It might be about concerts touring in your format, including those coming to town, and feature videos and up-to-the-minute ticket information.  It might be the station event guide of fun things your target audience would like to do.  It might be about something your audience does that one of the personalities at your station is passionate about: gardening, cars, parenting, wellness, movies, TV, cooking, home repair, travel, and so forth.

You may look at that list and realize that many people won’t care about each topic.  No, but a fair number of people will.  And if you do, shine your light on that topic and blog about it.  You don’t ever have to talk about it on the air.  However, one of the smarter sales people will figure out they can make money by selling commercials as an on-air sponsorship for your page.  In that scenario, the station makes money; the website gets promoted using sales inventory; and the DJ gets noted as an expert of sorts in a special area.

There are some very successful blogs about some very narrow, niched subjects.

2.  IT’S GOOD CONTENT. Is Jessica’s blog the only place you can find out entertainment news?  Far from it.  However, Jessica picks topics that often make the celebs look like ordinary people with ordinary problems, or have some sort of funny-but-not-mean spin to them.  For the young, female target of this Mainstream CHR in Salt Lake City, this blog is right on target.  It’s consistent and regularly updated.  All the content is presented with a similar tone to it.  It speaks entertainingly to the target without being mean or vicious.

Either Jessica is passionate about this topic, or passionate about entertaining her fans.  Either way, it’s working.  This ends up being digital content that fits with the personality, the show and the station:  the entire brand.

3.  IT BENEFITS YOUR BRAND. There are a number of ways for a blog to benefit your brand.

  • Like Jessica Ferguson’s “Hollywood Sleaze,” it can be something worth mentioning regularly on the air.
  • It can be a place where your fans find some information or engagement that’s important to them.
  • It can be something that your social media fans would feel gives them more access or information about the station.
  • It can be something that doesn’t tie to what you do on the air, but a topic that some in your target audience are passionate about.

It just has to be about something.  It has to be decent content that’s regularly updated.  And it has to fit with who you are and what your target audience is all about.

Then, make sure you use your blog entries as social media fodder.

Got questions about blogging or social media, or examples of stuff you’d like to discuss?  Add comments or questions below, or go to “About” to contact me directly!


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