The Boring Beneficial Basics: Streaming

No matter what brilliant, breakthrough creative digital thing you’re working on today … there’s still going to be a short list of sort of boring things that will always work to move people from social media to your website to your on-air product and back again.

One of those basics is something we radio people find pretty dull.  That’s your online stream.

Time and again, we find that if you promote it on the air, your online stream is a solid way of regularly getting more hits on your website.  We radio people don’t think it’s exciting, but it’s a practical benefit that people will use.  The people most likely to use it are your fans who will use it at a time when they don’t have a radio handy, or find it easier to click on your stream then get up and turn on the radio.  And, your fans are the people most likely to be following you using social media, too.

So streaming is is the first Boring Beneficial Basic, and we’ll be touching on a handful of them over time.  Include a link to your stream from time to time in your social media with tactical posts like these:

  • We’ll premiere the new Kenny Chesney song in less than 20 minutes at 3pm … click here to listen <<streaming link>>
  • Did you enter to win the next Workday Bonus Payout?  Listen for your name at 11am <<streaming link>>
  • The Bypass Freeway’s blocked with an overturned tractor trailer.  Hear the next Traffic on the 8’s at <<streaming link>>
  • New Lady GaGa every hour all day today.  Don’t waste time getting up to turn on the radio, listen here <<streaming link>>

Each of those short posts has a special listener benefit plus a way to listen NOW to your station.

Hint:  If your streaming link is one of those that goes on forever, shorten it with a URL shortener like, or Tiny URL.  Those accessing you on their phones will thank you!

Three  more quick points:

1.  Getting people to your stream may not sound sexy or satisfying.  However, what we’re seeing from PPM numbers is that even our biggest fans listen for only several minutes at a time; they just come back over and over again.  Anything you can do to make your brand to a) be top of mind and b) exist everywhere is in your interest.

2.  What you do with your stream is a whole ‘nother subject.  Make it as listenable, content-wise, as your on-air signal.  And monitor it yourself regularly so you know what’s going on!

3.  I know you want to get people to listen to you on the air for maximum ratings credit, instead of online.  However, when they’re listening to you on their computer or phone, they’re not listening to your competition, and you have another opportunity to bond with them.


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