What About Twitter?

In a pretty short amount of time, Facebook has jumped to the top of the pack of social media sites.

You Tube makes it ridiculously easy to upload and share videos, and they have a few community-building resources there, too.  There are other particular social media sites, like Foursquare, for sharing particular types of experiences or content.

What about Twitter?  I know lots of people who are working hard to update both their Facebook and Twitter feeds regularly.  It’s a fair amount of work, even if you post similar content on both.

I’ve read that web people, like me, either love Twitter or avoid it.  I’m in the latter group.

I used both Facebook and Twitter pretty aggressively for a couple of different projects.  I regularly checked the numbers, to see who was going where.  I found that both my Facebook pages and Twitter feeds had solid numbers of followers, but only Facebook worked to move those people to a website.  In short, people were either reading my tweets but not acting on them, or they were ignoring them.  I don’t know which.  Facebook sent a respectable number of people following links that I had posted.

For me, numbers of followers don’t make a bit of difference.  It’s what you can do with them that counts.  For more on that, see an earlier blog post on how you gotta have a goal for your social media and other digital efforts!

There are a few folks out there who think that one goal for their social networking should be presence on multiple social sites.  There are specialized ones that may be worth a look for your particular situation, but if you’re trying to update Bebo and StumbleUpon and others as well as Facebook and Twitter and YouTube, you’re stretched too thin.  Focus on what’s going to get you results: on-air listening occasions, or website hits.  Engagement is what it’s all about, but you need to guide it to happen in a meaningful way.  So skip all the stuff that’s not powerful enough for your needs.  I count Twitter among those.

By the way, if you don’t have good diagnostic numbers to look at, see if you can use Google Analytics at your site.  They’re free, and they give you a ton of good information.  Holler at me if you have any questions about web analytics.  My contact info is towards the top left part of the page, at the “About” link.


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