Does Your Social Media Fit With Your Brand?

Here’s a little exercise you can do to test if your brand’s social media is on target.

1.  Picture the target listener to your radio station.

2. Spend some time listening to your station with that target listener in mind.  You could even listen like a real heavy listener … 10 or 15 minutes several times throughout the day.

3. So what’s that target listener hearing and enjoying about your brand?  Now pull up your brand’s Facebook page and see what you’ve posted.

Does it fit with what you heard?  Does it highlight the brand?  Does it have the tone of your station?  Does it give your biggest fans extra access?

Be honest with yourself.  What can you do to make it better?

Here’s something very do-able.

At the next promotion meeting, get the creative brain trust (PD, promotions manager, webmaster, creative personalities, and your sales manager if she’s interested) together.  Everyone agree on your station’s target audience, and what your big goals as a station are (quantifiable, specific ones, involving ratings and web hits).

Decide exactly what you will do with your social media to treat your biggest fans in a special way.  Think: extra access, extra ways to win, special information about upcoming events (including cool events staged by clients), ways to contribute to the morning show, and so on.

Then, do it.  If you work hard to keep the quality of your station high on the air, you should be equally committed to your brand’s Facebook or Twitter or other social media efforts.  You’re talking to your biggest fans!


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