Social Media and 80/20

For years, it’s been pointed out that 80% of our listening comes from 20% of our listeners. The challenge has been to super-serve those important 20% who do the lion’s share of the listening.  They’re the key to consistent good ratings.

We address a lot of our on-air programming to these folks. But what if we could talk directly to them?

Turns out that when someone “likes” our brand on Facebook or follows our Twitter feed, the chances are really good that that someone is a super-fan we want to super-serve.

We had the same opportunity with listener database emails in digital’s early days. There was a time when listeners discovered that they could go to our website and sign up to get regular email from us. They were actually excited about it at first!

They were, that is, until we decided to send them long written versions of promo liners instead of entertaining them or giving them extra access to our brands. Shame on us. That’s why fewer than 10% of our emails to listeners even get opened these days.

Let’s not blow it with social media. We wouldn’t treat one of our top advertisers the way we’d treat someone who bought a couple of overnight commercials. Fans sign up with us on Facebook to get extra access, extra ways to win, extra info about entertainment they love. Let’s work on ways to treat our biggest fans in special ways using social media and other digital tools!

More ideas coming in the near future as to how to do exactly that.  Meanwhile … what are YOU doing off the air to target and super-satisfy your biggest fans?

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