How To Talk in Social Media

When you write online, don’t talk like a DJ.  Don’t write a promo liner.

Keep it short.

Keep it punchy.

Get them to your website with a link.

Write knowing that people will unconsciously scan your entire post all at once.  They’re looking for words that mean something to them.  Too many radio social media posts look like:

Hi, it’s Terri Middaygal!  Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!  Come join us for lots of bargains at Hensley’s Garden Store, with all flowering annuals now on sale.  Don’t miss all the fun today from two til’ four at their Southern Bypass location!  We’ll have lots of special Radio 109.1 games and prizes, including tickets to see Bruno Mars!

Instead, for the same event, it needs to look like:

You might win Bruno Mars concert tickets when you join us at Helmsley’s Garden Store for their Flowering Annual sale.  Today … 2p til 4p … 3454 Southern Bypass.

Then, get something out of it, and steer them back to your site with a link to a page you created for the event.  Include interactive directions, a list of the special stuff you’re doing, more about the client, and other information that might apply.

So keep it short and ultra-readable.  Give them their benefit up front as soon as you can in your post.  Guide them to your website for more information.

Finally … review this with your airstaff members who posts on Facebook or Twitter, so they don’t talk like DJs in social media!


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