Are You Engaged? Are They?

The hardest part about the new digital world for radio folks? Engagement.

We’re so used to broadcasting AT people, that we find it hard to start interacting WITH them.  Using social media, you have the ability to communicate with some of your biggest fans.

In this blog, we’ve already proposed some ways to interact with your audience using your digital tools (especially Before the Next Morning Show and During the Next Morning Show).

In the web world, we think about engagement all the time. Many radio people are clueless about it. This is why HD radio is failing. It’s truly far less interactive than most new ways you can enjoy music.

If you have a radio brand, you can engage with your fans:

  1. in your social media;
  2. on your website (using social media to get people there); and
  3. on the air (again, using social media to get people there).

Here are some thought starters:

  • Post links to new music you’re thinking about adding (online videos or mp3s) and ask for feedback.
  • Run a contest picking a random winner from everyone who “likes” a post announcing the contest
  • Pre-promote morning show or talk show content several minutes before it airs; ask for comments
  • Get feedback about potential big prizes (or prize packages) for major contests
  • Link from social media to structured listener interactivity like Rate the Music and Listener-Driven Radio.
  • Use existing sources to turn your “here’s what we played” page into a clickable way to see videos, purchase favorite songs, find lyrics of songs, or just vote “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” on songs.
  • Give your biggest fans a way to ask questions or make comments online that’s not publicized on the air … and that you respond to within 24 hours.

How many more listening occasions will you get from listeners who feel a new level of engagement and involvement?

What else can YOU think of? Feel free to add a comment below!

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