The Boring Beneficial Basics: Songs You Played

You might be surprised to find out that fans of music stations … across the board … feel that being able to find a list of songs you played is one of the most important things you can offer at your website.

And yet … while most stations have such a list, it’s hard to find.  It’s usually a tiny link off in the corner of a busy front page.

Additionally, you never see radio stations link to their “here’s what we played” page from social media.  NEVER!  We’ll tell them it’s National Peanut Butter Day or ask them how their Saturday’s going or invite them to a client appearance before we’ll help them find out more about their favorite music!

As one of the Boring Beneficial Basics, your list of the last songs you played is something you can use as a secret weapon against competitors, and a reason for your biggest fans to love you more.

Here are some of the things some stations let their fans do at their list of songs they played:

  • Vote on or rate the song
  • See the video
  • Buy the song from iTunes
  • Buy the CD from an online retailer
  • Learn more about the artist
  • Read the song lyrics
  • Find similar-sounding artists

Chances are that the music you play is the biggest reason your fans listen to you in the first place.  So make yourself that much more lovable, and include some of these in your social media postings.  Think about stuff like:

“The full list of songs we played today on our 90s Weekend is at radio-1-0-9-dot-com … “

“Heard us play the new Sugarland song?  You can see the video at the ‘Last Songs Played’ page at country-91-9-dot-com…”

“Here’s a secret: you don’t have to wait for our DJs to tell you the names of the songs we play.  Click below for our “Just Played” page … “

“This is our ‘Just Played’ page, where you can rate the music, song by song, and let us know how you feel about what we’re playing.”

Would your music fans find that more engaging than a question about how they’re liking the weather?  Look at your “Last Songs Played” page, and start thinking about the different regular posts you could make in social media to please your followers.

You can learn more about the Boring Beneficial Basics we’ve already discussed, which are your streaming and your online event guide.  By the way, if you don’t have such a list of songs you played at your website, you can get one from


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