Pop Quiz: Are You Socially Wasting Time?

Time for a pop quiz!  What are the good reasons for doing social media for your radio brands?

a)  To increase the number of listening occasions.

b)  To get more engagement on my website and on other digital tools.

c)  All the cool brands are doing it.

d)  A and B but not C.

Of course, D is the correct answer!  Aren’t you busy enough?  You don’t want to be wasting your time on something that’s not going to deliver results.

Most people don’t lack for friendly content on their Facebook news feed page.  However, your fans decided to “Like” you because they wanted what you and your brand could give them that’s special.

So what’s special about you?  Whatever it is … you’re delivering it on your air, right?  Is that stuff on your website, too?

Are you highlighting it in your social media?  Go ahead, go look at the last several posts you’ve made.

PPM measurement shows us that even our biggest fans listen in short spurts, frequently throughout the day.  When they engage with you on the air, on your website or in social media, they’re looking for more deep, focused content based on what they’re already getting from you.  They like what you are delivering, and they want more.  They want a deeper experience.

After the last Super Bowl, I saw TONS of radio stations ask the same question on Facebook:  “What commercials did you like the best?”

Were there any classic rock stations that posted videos of past Super Bowl performances by their artists?  I didn’t see any.

So, now that you’ve looked at your last several social media posts, how would you do social media instead to give your fans a deeper, more focused bond with your brand?  In addition … how are you getting them back to your brand, either on-air or online … that will help you reach your goals?

Wouldn’t it be fun to quit wasting your time and get something productive and meaningful out of your social media?  Yeah!

Shameless plug:  I can help you with that.  Read more about me in the “About” section, or get in touch: chris@chrismillerdigital.com, or 216-236-3955.


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