Goal-Oriented Social Media … or, Quit Wasting Your Time!

There’s one thing that’s obvious from reading many brands’ social media posts.  Most people haven’t thought about how being on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social site ties to their business goals.

What are YOUR goals as a station?  One of them is likely to be increasing the number of occasions that your fans listen to you.

There’s a lot of talk about using Facebook as a marketing tool that would replace traditional mass media (like TV, outdoor, and so forth).  There are even some creative ideas for doing so, and Facebook is passing Yahoo! as the leader in online display advertising.

However, my experience is that social media is a great way of talking with your existing, passionate fans.  You know … the folks who give you far more occasions of listening than other people.  As a radio brand, you can lock in with your fans to get them from on-air to social media and your website and back to your on-air signal or stream again.

Here, in a  nutshell, is how it works:

  • As we discussed yesterday, make sure that your online content goes deep into what people already love about you.
  • Use on-air and social media to get your fans to explore your website so that they can learn or enjoy more of what you’re already giving them on the radio.
  • Use social media and your website to give your fans better and more meaningful access to what happens on the air.  Tell them exactly when contests will occur, when hot new songs will come on, when your morning show will do specific bits or talk about a particular topic … that sort of thing.  That’s EXACTLY, as in “less than 15 minutes from now” or “at 3:30” … not “coming up later this morning.”

Keep them cycling through from one to another.

Too many PDs and GMs still believe that listeners tune away because they’re bored with what we do.  PPM data show us that people tune out because they have to leave.  We are the Convenience Store Medium®.  People jump and run their way through their busy lives with us.  They listen for 10, maybe 15 minutes.  If they’re a real fan, or if you’re really consistent and compelling, they come back.  If not … sorry.  You lose.  You can’t make them listen for long periods of time; you just have to keep getting them back again and again and again and again and again.

However, with digital tools, your job is actually easier.

Just keep giving people deep, focused content to fuel what they love about you.  For example, if you’re doing successful 90s Weekends on the air, create a webpage with some great 90s videos that get changed out and freshened up over time.  Or, pick different big artists from the 90s and create a page for each one, and take turns with a new 90s Artist of the Week each weekend.  Do 90s trivia online.  Flash back to 90s TV shows, or even 90s cartoons (Nickelodeon had some classic stuff!).  Then, talk on the air about what’s available online.  Use your Facebook and Twitter feeds to sell the same stuff.  And on the special web pages you create, give people a reason and reminder to come back to your radio station.

Now that’s some good 21st century media brand management!


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