The Boring Beneficial Basics: The Morning Show Blog

It should concern lots of us that, when you look at lots of morning show web pages, they are clearly clueless about how listeners are using the web.

Lots of morning shows are updating their sites and social media with stuff that has nothing to do with what goes out over the air.  And most everything that goes out over the air never sees the light of day on the website.

Yet … when our fans want to engage with us … when they want to know more, or feel more, or say more … they go online.  Imagine how frustrating that is for them to want to learn more about what your big morning show was just talking about, only to find funny videos stolen from You Tube and photos of their cute kids.

Meanwhile, the morning show is judging the success or failure of their content by how they make the phones ring.

Time for a reset. Here’s a secret that can start to improve your morning show ratings and hits on your morning show webpage.

~~~~~  If the morning show talks about it on the air, it should be on their webpage.  ~~~~~

That’s so simple, huh?!?  The web … and social media … are now established enough that your fans expect your on-air content and your online content to be integrated.  Not separate … not different … integrated and related.  They want to hear you do something funny or controversial or interesting on the air, and then go online when they have the time and find out more … or comment on it … or somehow engage with you that way.

So this is one of the Boring Beneficial Basics.  It won’t make you feel like a creative genius, figuring out a way to post something online about what got said on the air.  Guess what?  Listeners like and appreciate it when you do it. Your fans feel they’re getting more access to you.  Do it, and tell the audience it’s there.

To make it even better … use some of that in your social media posts.  “The Vince & Violet show talked about who should replace Charlie Sheen on ‘Two And A Half Men.’ No matter how perfect or crazy your idea, add your comment when you click below.” Then, there’s a link back to your morning show blog entry about this, using the Facebook Connect feature that your webmaster has set up for you (hint, hint).

If you need more help with ideas to improve recycling across all the platforms where your fans can enjoy your brand … from on-air to social media to your website and other digital tools … give me a shout.  Conversations are free, strategic ongoing help is reasonably priced.  And if you’d like to see more about how morning shows can build their brands in the digital world, read this, this and this.


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