Example of Engagement

Yesterday was my birthday.  Have you seen what happens when you have a decent-sized list of Facebook friends on your birthday?

I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced the Facebook Birthday Phenomenon, where friends from all different times and places in your life post birthday wishes on your Facebook wall.  It’s a little emotional and overwhelming.

It’s probably not something that could happen IRL (in real life).  It shows the power of technology to overcome time and distance to reinforce human bonds.

That’s “engagement.”  That’s the major benefit of social media.  Before Facebook and Twitter and other sites became huge, visionary web folks looking forward to this new era called it “Web 2.0.”  In a way, it’s really Media 2.0.

What you do as a radio brand already has created fans.  These folks really like what you already do.  What you do on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and your own website can have the power to engage your fans.  You know … really getting them reacting and interacting with you, instead of just talking at them.  We in the web world talk about engagement like radio folks talk about time spent listening or cost per point.

However … you have to think about social media differently than you probably do now.  Getting people to “like” you is just the start.  Here’s today’s idea starter:  Get together with all the people who post on Facebook for your station, and brainstorm the questions:  In what ways might we … post on Facebook to reinforce our brand? Or … phrase our social media to get people thinking and acting in new ways?  Or … start engaging with our fans to help them feel like they have a stronger relationship with us than ever?

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