Trolling For Fans … or Delighting Your Fans?

Would you go on your own air and say something like, “Hey, our ratings say we tend to have 10,000 people listening right about now … tell your friends to listen, ’cause we’re trying to get to 12,000!”

Of course not.  Your listeners would think it’s a self-serving waste of their time.  Especially since PPM measurement is teaching us that for our listeners, what we do is all about their instant gratification.

Then …. why do we do it on Facebook and Twitter?

Everything you post in social media for your brand could get you closer to your goals.  You could get people to take action:

  • tune in to hear something on the radio
  • click on your website to engage with your brand
  • meet you to win a cool prize at a remote

Literally everything you post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media has the chance to make people use your brand more … or just ignore you … or, worst of all, delete you or hide you.

Plus, it’s crucial to remember who you’re talking to in social media.  It’s not people just discovering you.  It’s not an average cross-section of your radio audience.  It’s your biggest fans.

So it’s not another form of mass media.  Social media is Core-Focused Marketing

Go ahead, suck up to them a little.  Treat them like they’re special.  Give them extra advantages and premierlevel access to your station.

It’ll pay off.  If you could herd your biggest fans into a room and share with them special information about the station, don’t you think that might pay off?  Wouldn’t that result in more loyalty?  More listening?  More … engagement?

Maybe it’s not about how many people “like” your page.  Maybe it’s about finding the most loyal listeners by telling them on the air why they should join you on social media.

Maybe it’s about not just trying to be a friend in social media, but a special brand ambassador, instead.

These are your frequent fliers.  These are your regular shoppers.  Decide … now … that when they “like” you, you’re gonna love them in return!

(Not sure what to do now?  Call me or email me and let’s have a free conversation about what you might be able to do right now.)


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