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What radio brands are doing a solid job on their social media?  Here are three good examples.  We’ll look at a news-talk station in Tulsa, a morning show in Minneapolis, and a country station in Orlando … and what they’re doing on Facebook to please their biggest fans.

What sets these three apart is their focus on interacting and engaging with their fans, and making the brand experience more meaningful all around.  They’re using social media to help them reach their own goals, too, getting people to listen and spend time on the station website, too.

KRMG, News/Talk in Tulsa

This news/talk station in Tulsa does a really good job of using their Facebook page to reflect what their brand is all about.  There are a few things I really like about what they do.

First of all, they’re a news/talk station, and most of the Facebook updates are about the news.  They also have updates about their talk shows that often are written clearly to appeal to folks who like those shows (which makes sense, and which not everyone does).

Updates about things happening on the air generally include a specific time they’ll occur.  “Listen at 8:10am” is a much more powerful and actionable statement than “listen all morning.”  In addition, they tend to post such updates in a timely manner; instead of telling people the day before, they catch people online NOW by telling them about things about to happen in the next ten minutes or so.

Finally, their status updates are almost always written in a brief, pithy style, so they’re easy to scan.  You don’t find yourself glossing over a paragraph of info; instead, they generally post one sentence and a link to more information.  Some stations in this situation might post updates that are too chatty and hard to scan; others might just put up a link with no explanation … no “brand talk.”  The consistent high-quality execution on their social media earn KRMG a gold star.

The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show

So many morning shows are wasting their show blog and social media pages on content that doesn’t have much to do with why people are listening to them.  However, the Dave Ryan show, on KDWB/Minneapolis, has already picked up on some of the powerful things you can do with your digital tools to bond with and get more listening from your fans … many of which you’ll find listed here, here and here.

As you scroll through their posts, you’ll see how many of them have to do with specific listening appointments, things to enjoy about the show, and chances for fans to contribute via social media.  How many morning shows say “what do you think” online, after doing a bit or a feature on the air?  Kudos to them for expanding their show brand and increasing their bond with their fans.

I even saw an update on their Facebook page for a remote appearance than a show cast member was going to be at.  It clearly said when and where it was, and what I might be able to win if I showed up.  Then, they linked to a web page where I could share it with others, add it to my Outlook calendar, get an online map, or more info!  OUTSTANDING use of digital tools to enhance a pretty standard promotion that almost all of us do.

K92, Country in Orlando

I really like what K92 does to break down the typical way that radio stations talk AT their listeners.  Instead, what you notice about their Facebook page updates is that they’re working to talk one-on-one WITH their listeners in a meaningful way.

They share information and audio from their morning shows, and ask for feedback about different things they do on the air.  Even if they never use that information in a practical way … after all, it’s rather like having a focus group that you didn’t get to screen … your most hard-core fans find it different and meaningful to be asked what they think.  That, alone, creates a bond that many of them remember.

They also give listeners a chance to offer opinions on Facebook about topics that, I imagine, could then be used on the air.  That’s a great use of social media to contribute to a higher-quality on-air presentation.

In short, K92 is always working the relationship with their fans in their social media efforts.  Hats off to them for consistently working it right.

There Are Others …

We’ll recognize other outstanding uses of social media over time.  Hope you found this helpful.  Anytime you want to discuss what you’re doing in social media and how you might get more listening and webhits from it, give me a call.



  1. Steve-O

    Thanks for the article and the props. We really try our best to make a positive impression with our on-air and online products. Thank you for the props.

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