One Meeting To Have

If you’re a program director or promotion manager in the radio biz right now, you’re being called upon to be more and more of a brand manager all the time.

That means you have to get the attitude that there are things your brand is known and loved for … and you have to deliver that on the air, online and on-site at appearances and events.

It’s no longer enough to have a whole bunch of stuff on your website that doesn’t have anything to do with what happens on the air.

It’s no longer enough to have major things happen on the radio that don’t have some sort of online component.

Finally, it’s not really doing programmers and promoters much good to execute sales events that don’t have some sort of tie-in to what people love about the brand.

Inside most radio stations these days, whoever is doing social media is doing so in a vacuum.  They’re not looking much beyond how many Facebook fans or Twitter followers they have, and keeping up a relatively steady stream of stuff (whatever that stuff might be).

To get your social media working for you, remember that it works best when you delight your most hardcore fans with more access and fun and info than they get from just listening to you.  Plus … it benefits YOU when you get them to listen more often or engage with you at your website.

So, take part of an upcoming promotions meeting and decide what your social media ought to be all about.  What do people love about your brand?  What’s the benefit to your fans of listening to your station and interacting with your website?

Come up with overall guidelines about what you want to steer people to using Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media you’re using.  Your music … your morning show … your on-air contests … your service info (news, weather, traffic) … the key pages that people go to at your website … whatever the big parts of your radio station are, that’s where you want to be steering people to using social media.

Plus, it can be a reality check to look at your last week’s worth of social media postings.  Did they do a good job reflecting what people like about your brand?

You have to come up with exactly what you want to keep sending people to and how often.  For instance, if you’re doing a song-of-the-hour contest to up your listening occasions, is it wrong to post hourly on Facebook what the next song is?  I’d do it.  You’re constantly turning people over in social media as you are on the air and on your website.

Once you come up with the important topics for your social media to deal with, make sure whoever is handling all the posting knows they’re accountable for results (getting people to your website and on-air), and encourage them to think creatively about how to move people from here to there.

If you’d like help with your social media … setting it up or executing it … I’m happy to talk with you; conversations are free and strategic and tactical help is reasonably priced.  Go to the “About” page to email or call me … or join us on Facebook.


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