Frequency Sells

“Listen three times every day this coming week at 8am, 1am and 4pm to win Kenny Chesney tickets!”

Too many radio social media posts look like this.  It goes up one time, too far in advance to really affect anyone’s listening behavior.

Social media is a great way of talking with our most rabid fans.  But even our fans have lives, and need to be reminded and nudged to take part in the special stuff we do.

If you’re doing a content like the above one … and you’ll find more and more stations in PPM-measured markets doing appointment listening contests … use the power of your social media to set those listening appointments.

Your jocks are probably on the air mentioning, at least once per hour, exactly when the next chance to win is.

So back that up with your Facebook page.  Set up 15 social media posts, one for each contest.  Use a program like HootSuite that allows you to schedule multiple posts in advance, and set them all up at the start of the week, so that one gets posted 10-15 minutes before each contest.

You don’t have to explain the whole contest, either … you’re reinforcing what you’ve already told them on the air.  You’re just working to catch them with a reminder at the last minute:

  • More Kenny Chesney tickets on the line at 1pm; dial 1-800-BIG-1085 when you hear the cue to call in and win.
  • Kenny Chesney’s at the Memorial Coliseum in June; another chance to win is less than 15 minutes from now at 4pm!
  • You could win Kenny Chesney tickets at 8, 1 and 4 every day this week … next chance to win is 10 minutes from now at 8am.
  • Get us in your speed dialer … 1-800-BIG-1085 … more Kenny Chesney tickets up for grabs in less than 15 minutes.

You can also include a link to the webpage about the contest, or to your online stream.

Just write these updates, schedule them all in advance, and you’re really tapping into the power of your social media.  It helps your cause that people see multiple reminders; sometimes, that’s the nudge that even our biggest fans need to take part in something special we’re offering.

Remember to give them an exact time to listen, too.  Be as precise as you can.  “Sometime during the 4 o’clock hour” is no longer specific enough.  “Listen starting at 4:35 and it won’t be more than a few minutes” is clunky, but better.  “Listen at 4:40” is best of all.

What about stations that are doing a special contest every hour during the workday?  Maybe you don’t want to risk being unliked or hidden for posting that often.  In that case, choose the most important hours to promote it.  I would pick your three biggest hours of the workday, since you’ve proven those are the easiest hours to get people to listen.  Then, do like we did above, with the three daily reminders … in your case, for those biggest three hours.

You’ll notice that I recommended turbo-powering your three biggest hours.  That’s because I find that your online tools will do a better job of taking good things you do to “even better” territory, instead of beefing up the things you do or the times you’re on that aren’t getting the same level of response.

As always, if you want to talk any of this through, contact me on the phone or via email.  Conversations are free; regular strategic and tactical help is reasonably priced!


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