Attracting Fans To Your Social Media

“Check us out on Facebook!”

“Follow us on Twitter!”

Now, I’m enough of both a radio and a digital geek that if you say that on the air, I’ll probably go check out what you’re doing in social media.  Most likely, no one else will.

It takes more than a “woo-hooo, we’re on Facebook” to get people to check out and like your page.  But you’re already not that far away from a way to get people flowing to you on Facebook!

Take the stuff you do … music, contesting, personality content, whatever … that people really love about your brand.

Then, give them reasons to go to your Facebook page to interact with you more.

Let them hear new songs you’re not playing on the radio yet, or let them see a newly-released video version of a current you are playing.

If an artist is coming in concert, or tickets are going on sale, create a special web page, and link to it through your Facebook page.

Take a particularly successful morning show bit and let people hear it on demand, and comment on it.

Show videos of a major station event.

You get the picture.  Promote these specific, tactical reasons to go to Facebook and sign up to be a fan of your page.  Do so like you would any important promotion: do it with frequency and an ear towards what people are going to enjoy taking time out of their day for.

Also, commit to doing this over time!  You want to end up leaving the impression that the entire scope of your brand is represented in your social media.  Make sure that, along with everything else you want the jocks to promote, or to have in your promo rotation, you have a certain number of strong Facebook page promos coming up each day.

The digital world moves so fast that Facebook is already not the cutting edge of social media.  That’s OK.  You don’t want to be on the edge; you want to be where the biggest number of people are.

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