Creme De La Creme

Once upon a time, the marketers who were absolutely the best at targeting were ….. the direct mail folks.

They knew that it cost them to send stuff to people who would never respond … but that it was worth a high price to tap into people who would respond to what they were selling.

Back in the day, you’d hear people in the direct mail biz talk about the power of a great list.  In other words, one of the things they would seek to do is find the most valuable people to talk to about what they were selling.  They’d pay to reach the creme de la creme … whoever they were in each particular situation

They would even pay big bucks for a list that might not be big … but would be packed with people who respond to offers like theirs.

What possible bearing could that have for us today?  Here we are, a bunch of radio folks in the 21st century, and when we communicate, as a brand, we generally talk to a mass, undifferentiated audience.

However, the digital world has opened up new levels of fan-dom.

For years, we’ve called our heaviest listeners our “P1’s“.

What most people don’t know is that your website attracts the more enthusiastic fans … let’s call them your “P1 Primes.”

Then, those people who seek you out on social media and choose to “Like” your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter … are the most serious fans of all.  These could be your “P1 Double-Primes.”

So, in jumping into social media, you have started to attract your most intense fans … your P1 Double Primes.  These are people who, back when direct mail was big business, you’d have to pay big bucks to get a list to talk to them.

Instead, you continue to build such a list … for free! Your brand goals include getting more listening on the air and more visits to your website.  So treat these folks like the precious gold that they are.  Stop just tweeting your on-air promo liners at them.  Figure out how to talk with them to engage with them … and remind them what they love about your brand.

If your sales department got their biggest clients into a room, they’d treat them right … am I right?  So what sort of special access can you give your biggest fans?  What can you do to delight them to make you even more memorable?

Click the “About” link in the upper right corner to track me down to continue this conversation about YOUR radio brands.  Or, join our Facebook page.

And … if you’re on the sales side … I’d love to talk with some talented sales folks about what we can do to make social media work for advertisers and listeners alike.  Shoot me a note if you’d like to start an interesting conversation about that!

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