What About Personalities?

Keeping up your social media is a little different if you’re a personality or part of a show.  We talk a lot about what full radio brands do, but how about if you’re working to keep up your own

Who “Likes” You: People who follow you in social media are not casual fans or people just discovering you.  They’re your biggest fans.

Think about it: they had to search you out and choose to follow you.  Pretty stalker-ish, huh?!?  But in a good way.

You Are A Brand.  As a performer … or a group of performers … people have happy memories of ways you’ve entertained them, and expectations for how you’ll behave in the future.  You create a professional identity in all media in which you work.   Talk through that identity when you add to your Facebook page or Twitter feed or any other form of social media you’re working with.

What Do They Want? Studies show that people who sign up to follow a brand in social media are looking for a few specific things.  For a radio station or show or personality, that comes down to:

  • maximum access to you … so they don’t miss anything
  • extra chances to win stuff
  • opportunities to engage with you, especially to offer opinions on content before or during the time you’re on the air with it, or a chance to experience it afterwards

Before, During & After The Show: We’ve already devoted three blog posts to some pretty specific ideas to help you harness the power of social media and the web if you do a personality-oriented show … you can read about what to do beforeduring and after your next show.

So here’s what ya do.

  • Keep your fans updated on what’s coming up on your show.  “Battle of the Redneck Sexes coming up at 7:35am.”  “The next Jetaway Giveaway is coming up 15 minutes from now at 10:20am.”  “I’ll play the new Katy Perry song in about 10 minutes; click our streaming link to listen on your computer.”  “Post the most embarrassing thing  you ever did in front of your kids and we might mention you on the air at 7:45.”
  • Give them access to more info about what you talked about.  Check out this list by Jack Shell, the afternoon guy at WKDF/Nashville.
  • If you do appearances, give them links and info so they can find you … and talk to your promotion director about getting a special prize for your Facebook friends.
  • If you do a high-profile show with lots of content, put a video on YouTube every day about what’s coming up on your show, and link to it on Facebook or Twitter.  If you’re part of a multi-person show, show a daily meeting where you talk about what you want to do on the next show.
  • Check out the Boring Beneficial Basics (here, here, here and here).  Use them to your benefit!  “Get the instant list of everything I play today.  If you really like something, you can buy it and download it.  <link to Most Recent Songs Played list>.”    “Take the kids and the dog for the SPCA Fun Run in Lawrenceville this weekend, and wear everyone out for a good cause <link to station online event guide>.”

See how it works?  Look for stuff that your listeners care about that fits with your personal brand.  Don’t get caught up in how many people are following you.  Focus on getting them to listen, and go online to your website.


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