Gold Star For The Day

I’m gonna spend today handing out gold stars for three radio social media posts that stood out to me as deserving of recognition.  One’s about a song on the station that posted it, one’s about an internet pre-sale, and one’s about what a format core artist said about another singer.  What’s good about these is not so much the specific content, as it is about HOW each station handled it.

Z100/New York

It’s really a simple post, but it lets fans know that Z100 thinks this is a hit, and they’re asking for engagement in the form of feedback on the song.  Whether they do anything with those opinions is almost beside the point … they’re asking for them and giving people a chance to weigh in on the song.  That’s the sort of extra access that social media fans are looking for.

Plus, they wrote the post very plainly so it’s easy to scan quickly, and understand immediately.  So … big points for brand content-oriented engagement in a well-written, no-BS post.

One thing that might have improved this, however, was for them to have the video loaded at their own site, so that they would have gotten credit for the web hits, instead of sending them directly to YouTube.

99.5 WYCD/Detroit

Detroit’s big Country station lucked into this one.  Blake Shelton is always good for an outrageous quote or tweet, and he’s won a bunch of awards lately, so his career is on a roll.  He got quoted as calling Christina Aguilera a “redneck,” and WYCD made the most of it here.  Knowing that Country fans are really interested in what the core artists are saying and doing, they posted the story at their website, and they used social media to send fans there.

What I really like is how artfully they did so.  They didn’t just post the link with no comment.  They didn’t reveal the whole story in their comment.  Instead, they enticed their fans to come to the website to find out more, in a very brand-oriented way.  I’m probably a P2 or a P3 to Country on a good day, and I found myself clicking on it because I was curious to find out.  In posting this particular update, they reinforced for their big fans that they know what’s up in the Country format and will let listeners know … thus upping the perceived value of their Facebook updates.

Fresh 105.9/Chicago

Even though it’s not a contest, research shows that listeners appreciate pre-sale links to buy tickets for good concerts.  So there’s perceived value in being given special access to something you still have to pay money for.

Fresh 105.9 is even working to leverage another one of their digital assets, by getting people to sign up for their email newsletter.  Too many radio email newsletters are just a re-hashing of what’s already been said on the air.  However, for listeners to see the value in opening those newsletters, we need to include some sort of special, exclusive content in each and every single one of them.  Otherwise, the open rates … the number of people who actually look at those things … will continue to dwindle.

So this is a good social media effort to a) give something special to their biggest fans, the pre-sale access; b) steer people to and reinforce the value of their station email newsletter.  They even wrote the Facebook update so it’s easy to understand, although it’s a multi-step process.  Kudos to the author for eliminating most of the unnecessary wording that goes into so many radio Facebook posts.

My only real critique is that something about the link that was posted allowed gibberish to show up on the Facebook page.  If you find that’s the case, keep a program like HootSuite in your back pocket, where you can make posts and edit that distracting stuff out.

Z100, 99.5 WYCD and Fresh 105.9, here are your gold stars!


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