Focus on Focus

Our fans are time-starved.

One bit of proof is what we learn from PPM numbers about how our biggest fans listen to us.  They listen for 10 minutes at a time … maybe 15, if we’re lucky … repeatedly throughout the day.  You know they’re a fan if they keep coming back.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that our fans use social media in a time-starved way, too.  When they’re on Facebook, they don’t tend to go way, way back on their News Feed page.  And, their eyes gravitate towards the people and brands that most reliably make them feel good.  If they’re on Twitter, they’ve probably actually looked at only a fraction of the feeds they follow.

Yet, if you look at most radio brands’ social media efforts, the content is all over the road.  Plus, it regularly has little to do with what our time-starved fans come back to us for frequently throughout the day.

So here are three non-radio brands who have a real sense of focus.  All three of these products are used in a more limited way than radio is.  Yet, their posts really do a great job of sticking to a theme.


Oreos really are good only for one thing.  You might eat some when you have a hankering for something sweet.  You really can’t do anything else with them (that I can think of, or write about in mixed company, for that matter).

However, as you can see on the Oreo Facebook page, they’ve figured out stuff to talk about.  They do a “fan of the week” contest; they have recipes for other desserts you can make with Oreos; they have conversation-starters about Oreos.  In addition, they (are you listening, Radio?) have usage-based hints on how and when to enjoy Oreos … for instance, eating Oreos while you’re watching March Madness college hoops.

Furthermore … look at the writing style.  All the posts are pretty brief and easy to scan quickly.  All the suggestions for how to enjoy Oreos are very low-key and soft-sell.  Are your radio posts written that way?  Or, are you using too many exclamation points and being too over-hyped for the environment?

Eat Mor Chikin Cowz

If you live where Chick-Fil-A has outlets, you probably know about their cows.  Chick-Fil-A’s bovine mascots are there to urge you not to eat another burger, but to enjoy chicken instead.  This photo shows a sample of how they’re used in advertising if you’re not aware of the cows.

Chick-Fil-A has its overall brand social media efforts, but the Eat Mor Chicken Cows have their own Facebook page, too.  Not only is everything about the Chick-Fil-A brand; it’s all written in the semi-literate style with which the cows always present themselves!

Now, if you scroll down their page and read their posts, you see that this page is very, very thin on content.  The ongoing joke is that cows are mangling the language urging you not to eat them and to eat chicken, instead.  Day after day after day, they have low-key, in-character Cow postings that are totally consistent with what one has grown to expect from the Chick-Fil-A cows.  With those strict limits, they do a pretty good job promoting Chick-Fil-A and the reasons to go eat there.

Could you do as much for your brand with strict limits like that?

Trojan Brand Condoms

Boy, talk about your products that are really only good for one thing!  These folks don’t have much to choose from when it comes to what sort of content they’ll post in social media.  Still, they solidly provide content and engage with their fans on their Facebook page.  While their product is really only good for one thing, there are plenty of occasions when people might use their product that they don’t now.  The Trojan folks are good at referencing such times without getting silly or cheesy or lewd.  They also clearly have a great idea of who their target is, and how to talk to them one-on-one in a very un-hyped way.  When you think of advertising and marketing geared towards young men, much of it is very posed or postured or hyped up.  Not so much with the Trojan Brand social media efforts.  Matching on-air style with social media style is something many radio brands struggle with.

They also have created some events that are named after one of their brands, and they promote these events in their social media, too.

My only criticism of this page is that some of the posts are lengthy, and hard to scan.  If you stop and read them, they can be interesting, but if they pop up on your Facebook news feed, they can be easy just to scan and mentally jump over.

Still, they do an awesome job of staying on topic without getting into the silly or preachy ways that we tend to talk about sexual topics … or how we use sex to market other products, for that matter.


ACTION ALERT: So, what can YOU do to bring more focus to your social media efforts … and your digital strategy in general?  Well, what’s the short list of reasons why people keep turning on your radio station?  That’s where you start … and that’s where you focus.  That’s what people love about you.

Holler at me if you want to start a conversation about how to use your social media to help reach your on-air and online goals.  Conversations are free; ongoing strategic and tactical help is reasonably priced.  And that’s the end of the sales pitch for today.


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