Try the New Facebook Feature: Questions

First of all, I’ll start with a promise that I won’t usually tell you about every new product, feature, or app that comes down the proverbial cyber-pike!  There are plenty of places to get that info, and it can be dizzying and confusing … as well as a focus-buster.

However, Facebook has just made it really, really simple to put up quick and easy polls with their Facebook Questions feature.  I’m suggesting you look at these because they make instant engagement with your listeners and fans that much more accessible.

Here’s an example of one:

Humorous question, and definitely on the topical side.  You can see that Lady Gaga, up against those two others, is the quality babysitter of choice!

You may already be thinking ahead to all the ways you could use this new feature.  It’s so easy for people to take part; they just click the circle to the left of the answer they choose.  It’s very simple to set these up, too; you’ll see this series of choices close to the top of your or your brand’s Facebook page …

… and you just click “Question,” and it’ll walk you through the next couple of steps.

ACTION ALERT: Here are some ideas on what to use this for:

  • another way for listeners to contribute to a morning show bit or talk show issue
  • listeners pick song to kick off a request show
  • listeners pick songs throughout the day from an artist in concert that night
  • listeners pick which prize gets given away next
  • if you pit songs against each other in a contest of new music, run the poll on your Facebook page, too
  • vote for award show nominees (Emmys, Oscars, Grammys, etc) before the award is given away
  • ask for feedback about station features and benchmarks

I’m sure you can think of plenty of your own.  Then, it’s just a matter of telling people to go to your Facebook page to vote.  You could even add a contesting feature to it by picking one winner of everyone who voted to receive a prize.

Here are some things to be aware of:

1.  You can come up with almost as many multiple-choice answers as your fertile brain can think of.  However … you will only see three without clicking further to see the rest.  Many, many people will just vote on the first three without going further to see the rest of the choices.  Plus, too many choices is just more confusing and less fun.

2.  When someone votes on your poll, it shows up on their page for their friends to see! The good news…this can spread the word about your radio station.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t travel with your brand name attached to it, unless you make it part of the question somehow.  So make sure it’s a question you don’t mind lots and lots of people seeing … and ask it not to publicize yourself, but to engage your fans (and potential new ones).

3.  Keep your question short.  If it’s too long, Facebook will only publish the first part of it on your fans’ pages, forcing them to either click it to read the whole thing … or just ignore it.  If you type it and publish a question and it’s too long to see all at once, go back and edit it!

4.  There are probably LOTS of things you could ask people about.  However, what’s best for your brand right now?  If it pertains to a show on your station or you brand in general, it’s probably good.  Remember, you’re working to get people to listen to you and click on your website.

Shout at me if you want to continue the conversation … click my name to be taken to my contact info:

Chris Miller

One comment

  1. Rich Petschke

    I’d suggest re-thinking your tip.

    A number of Facebook users (myself included) HATE this new “questions” feature. Most remove the posts from their page or mark them as spam.

    Not a good thing for a radio station trying to promote itself.

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