Digital Tactics: The Basics

Lots of folks have just started reading this blog, so this seems like a good time to go back and visit the basics.

After a long programming career, I’ve been working on the new media side for the last year, and I’ve seen how social media and other digital tools really work.

The basic thing for you to know is that it doesn’t matter how many Facebook fans or Twitter followers you have.

What matters is what you do with them.  What matters is how you get them to listen.  What matters is how you get them to go to your website.  What matters is how you really engage with them … and reach your goals instead of spin your wheels.

So here’s what I’ve learned, that you can learn, too:

Programmers have known for years that they need to talk to the small core of listeners that gives you the biggest bulk of your listening occasions.

People who follow you in social media self-select themselves to do so … meaning they include a high percentage of your biggest fans!

They want special access to music, contests, other info about your station … they want MORE than they just get on the air.  So, if your biggest fans want this behind-the-scenes all-access pass, use your social media to give it to them.  In other words, don’t just give them the same stuff you give them on the air.  Give them some special stuff on your Facebook page.

This blog is all about helping radio stations like yours use your big fans in social media (and other digital tools) to get more listening and more web hits.

Don’t just do social media to do it.  Make it work for you. Start by making sure that the bulk of your posts are about your brand, or speak to people from your brand’s point of view.  What do people love about you?  What’s the short list of things people really know about you?  What are you good for?  That’s what you should lead with in social media.

Agreed?  If you have the time, go back through the blog and see what catches your eye.  Then, go back through your brand’s Facebook page and see if what you’ve been doing makes your biggest fans feel special.

Also, for a couple of valuable quick reads, check these previous posts:

One last Facebook “secret” … your presence on Facebook only gets better when you come up with stuff that people stop to read and respond to, links that people click on, and repeated engagement.  The stuff that drives that engagement is what makes you unique.

Click my name to the right to start a conversation about how YOU can improve your social media …

Chris Miller

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