CASE STUDY: Small Market, Great Examples to Copy

You don’t need big fancy tools to engage your audience and build your brand with social media.

You just need  a mindset that you’re going to do the important stuff you do … across all your platforms.  On the radio, on site at events, on your website, in your social media, and using any other digital tools you might have.

You don’t even need to be in a big market.  Maverick Media’s 104.9 The Eagle in Lima, Ohio, is doing a consistently good job using their social media to build their classic rock brand.  Here’s some examples of what PD/Morning Host Ryan Wrecker and his crew are doing.

The key thing you can do with your social media is talk with some of your biggest fans.  These are some of the folks who give you far more listening occasions than other listeners do.  They chose themselves to “Like” you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter, so treat them and use them to your benefit at the same time:

Following 104.9 The Eagle on Facebook turned out to have major advantages for their hardcore fans.  A leg up on winning a great prize … and a link to take advantage of it.  That’s kick-ass servicing of the core audience!

Similarly, here’s a post that shows a real understanding of their target listener.

There’s no prize.  There’s no client.  There’s nothing wild and crazy.  But if you’re a classic rock fan, you are most likely still passionate about the artists, and here’s something you might well tune in for.  Stations in the big PPM markets are always looking for high-quality listening appointments to create.  However, you hardly ever see stations use their social media to create extra listening occasions like this.

You don’t even need the author interview!  If you’re a good jock and dig up something about Queen (or whoever) that people are going to be interested in, you can use social media to create an extra listening appointment with some of your biggest fans, too!  The only cost is your own drive, ingenuity and digital awareness.  “At 11:40, I’ll tell you a little something I’ll bet you didn’t know about Lady Antebellum, before we play their new song.”

Here’s another morning show use of Facebook:

Here, Ryan Wrecker tipped the social media fans off to something he was considering using on the air.  I don’t know if he used it or not, but you can see this is a way of testing the waters while engaging with your fans.  If you have some bit or content you know you want to do on the air, you can also tell people when it’s on.  “Ladies, do you ever flirt to get a discount from a salesperson?  Tell us your experience and we might use it on the radio starting at 7:15.”

Then, you can even mention verbatim what people say on Facebook, or even send them back a note to give them an unpublished number to call you at to record them telling you their experience.

Finally, here are two examples of some basic stuff you deal with regularly that you may not have realized add value to your social media feeds.

Last-minute unclaimed tickets on a Friday afternoon?  Solved.  Someone unexpectedly wins, easily, from watching what you post on Facebook.  Or, this:

A post like this just shows your fans that you’re looking out for them.  Because some of your biggest fans are following you in social media, a post like this communicates to them that there’s value in continuing to read what you post on Facebook.  And the truth is … every post you make has the power to convince them of your value, or make you appear inconsequential to their busy life.  Start today to consistently use social media to build your radio brand!

Track me down and let’s start talking about how YOUR brand can be this focused … click my name to the right.

Chris Miller


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