Being Your Brand’s Digital Leader

Bring this to the next promotion meeting or department head meeting.

“This guy who writes this blog on radio social media has an idea.  While it’s fun finding stuff that interests us personally to put up on the website and on our Facebook page … he says we should focus more on what our listeners love about our brand.”

We radio people use the web to take a break and escape from our jobs for a few moments during the day.  We find stuff that interests us and amuses us.  Lots of us also keep our personal Facebook pages minimized on the office PC.  That way, friends can reach out and say “hi” from across town or across the country while we’re at our desk!

So … for us … there’s a difference between what goes out over the radio and what happens in the digital world.  What goes out over the radio is work.  What happens online is more about fun and what makes us feel good.  But that’s US, inside the radio station.

For our listeners, what we broadcast IS the diversion in their lives.  Then, they come to our website and our station Facebook page to get more of the feeling they get from us on the air.  They expect to have one certain type of experience with your brand whether they hear you on the radio, look at your website, sign up for your social media, or find you at an event.

Think about the wording we use to send people online … “for more details, go to our website.”  The last thing anyone wants in their busy life is more details!  We need to hold the vision of our fans going online for more music, more fun, more opportunities to win, more opportunities to enjoy their lives, more of a connection with their favorite station.

So, at the next department head meeting or promotion meeting, where people from more than one department are sitting around the table, start by spending five minutes brainstorming the stuff that your fans LOVE about the radio station … what keeps them coming back? Then, everyone agree on the short list of items that really matter.

Next, look at your website or your social media together.  It could be the station website or the Facebook page or the Twitter feed … and just ask:

  • If a listener is looking for more of what they love about you … does it look like they’ll find it from you online?
  • Does what you’re doing in the digital realm match the feel of what you broadcast?
  • Is it as easy to understand and use what’s online … as it is what’s on the air?

Save that short list of what people love about you.  If you’re striving to ultimately be a great brand manager, whether you’re a GM or a PD or a promotion director or even coming from sales or engineering, post that list and let it be your brand management guide.  That way, you can start fully integrating your best stuff for fans to enjoy … no matter how they choose to experience you.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at some of the biggest online brands and how they handle their social media.  I think you’ll find it an interesting learning experience … even though they post a wide variety of stuff, it all ties back to their brands!  In the meantime, to reach me to start a conversation about your personal situation, click my name to the right.

Chris Miller


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