Posts You Can Always Fall Back On

No matter who’s responsible for the station’s Facebook page, there are some days where things get away from you.

So, here are a few, quick brand-building posts you can always adapt for days when you just need to get the job done!


If you play music, I can guarantee that your biggest listeners think it’s important for you to play the best songs for your format.  However, radio folks tend to dismiss the importance of music to their biggest fans!   They make social media way too difficult by looking for content that doesn’t really fit the brand.  So how about these ideas:

  • Promote when you’re playing a new song by a core artist.
  • Promote when you’re playing one of your most beloved gold titles.
  • Promote a music feature or benchmark you do every day or every week.
  • Promote a song that has a theme or lyric that ties to something topical.
  • Promote a song by an artist that’s coming soon in concert, or just played in the last day or two.
  • Promote your “Songs We Playedweb page

I’m sure you can think of other ideas, too.  Remember that you can also include a link for people to click to hear you online.  And tell people WHEN to listen … “coming up at 10:20” means something to them.  “Keep listening and it could happen anytime” is hype and not helpful.


You have lots of heavy listeners who follow you in social media.  Even heavy listeners come and go from your station throughout the day.  So, make sure you get them back for contests they’ll want to play.  Here, too, give them the time to listen.  Your fans will regard that as special, helpful information.  In addition …

  • Link them to your station stream
  • Link them to a web page with more information on how to win
  • Link them to a web page where they sign up for a chance to win
  • Link them to a web page with pictures and info about what they can win
  • Link them to a page where they can get Outlook reminders to download about when to win recurring contests of yours
  • Link them to a page they can print and put by their desk or on the fridge with information on how to play a big contest


What did your morning show talk about that’s worth a little listener engagement?

If you have a personality morning show, and they’re blogging at the station website about everything they talk about (which they should be doing), there should be stuff to link to regularly.  There’s no reason this can’t be posted outside of morning drive for station fans to enjoy online.  Plus … if it’s good enough, or phrased right … you should get listeners engaging with you.


No matter how much local content you have on the air, an event guide is something that fans of almost every format expect you to have on your website.  They just think it fits, and that you should know what’s going on!  If you’re not doing this yet, learn how to get started here.  If you are doing this, promote it by regularly posting social media links that show your target audience the cool stuff in town you think they’d like to be doing!

So these are all guilt-free postings for your super-busy days.  As a matter of fact … if you adapt posts like these every day to your individual brands, you’ll be in good shape, and you’ll never have to scour the web for more content.  Just sayin’.

I’m happy to talk with you about how to adapt these ideas and plenty more so you’re brilliantly managing your brand across all delivery platforms.  No obligation to just start talking!  Click my name to the right for my contact info.

Chris Miller


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