Ways to Get More Web Hits on Your Jock Blogs

Lots of air talent are blogging.  At most radio websites, those blogs aren’t getting many hits … unless those blogs are about something.

What we’ve seen for a few years is that blogs need to be about something … the more specific, the better.  Or, they should showcase the views of one person or a group of people on one topic, often outside the mainstream.

Unfortunately, most people (even our fans) are just not all that interested in what DJs think and do when they’re not on the radio.

However … this is still the time for air talent to move towards being content providers online as well as performers on the air.  So, here’s a list of stuff that DJs could write about, which might help the station website get some extra hits.

  • A “What You Heard on Today’s Show” blog … this could be kept by morning show hosts, talk show hosts, or any air talent who gets to choose and use a fair amount of content for their show.
  • The Concerts and Events Guide … including all format-related concerts, events of interest to the target, and station appearances.
  • A regularly-updated “Upcoming New Releases” list for formats that play current music.
  • Reviews of new music for your format.
  • An entertainment news or celebrity news blog (when you have your own, you can link to it all the time from social media and not lose hits to TMZ or Perez Hilton!).
  • The latest news and scores from local sports teams, and top news about sports in general.
  • Hot-button news topics and the ability of listeners to add comments.
  • The best of “Women’s Magazine-type” topics from around the web.
  • The best new stuff:  tech gadgets, cars, clothes, etc.
  • Reviews of new TV shows and movies.
  • Target audience lifestyle stuff, like gardening … car care … home repairs and upkeep … health … child issues … and so forth.

However, don’t just start assigning these to your jocks willy-nilly.  Blogs are best when they’re updated by people who care about the subject matter.  Talk with your people and find out what they’re into.  At one of my stations, the afternoon drive gal was passionate about movies and TV, so her blog was almost entirely about that.  It grew that way, organically, because that’s what she enjoyed thinking and writing about.  Once a smart sales person or two figured that out, they started making money from it.

You might even have people who are not on the air who can write about something that would fit with your site.  If one of your promotion assistants is really into music, and wants to keep an updated list of who’s playing at what club in town week after week, I’d say stand back, let them do it, and look for sponsors.

Similarly, if you have a jock who is passionate about gardening, chances are that a fair number of people in your audience are, too … let them become the expert, write a blog about what you should be doing now to keep your yard and garden looking nice, and sell sponsors to that page.

A gardening page may never get on-air promos or even much front page space.  But could that jock get a talent fee for spots that talk about what’s in the blog, so that a garden store client almost gets a product-placement-type deal on the gardening web page?  You can send people from the endorsement spots to “radio-one-oh-eight-dot-com-slash-gardening,” and not mess around with on-air product or the front page of the website to give a special deal to a client willing to spend.

What could YOU create to turn your current talent pool into valuable multi-platform content providers?  Holler at me and let’s brainstorm this for your situation.  Click my name to the right to learn how to contact me.

Chris Miller


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