The Brand Management Secret

So much content … so little time in the day.  What’s the secret of good radio brand management?

Think of all the ways your fans can experience your brand.

Of course, they can hear you on the air.  That’s the first thing most of us think about.  For some, that’s all they think about.

They can also experience you at your website.

They can listen to your online stream.

They can sign up for your social media.  You can pop up on their Facebook page.  Your Twitter tweets can show on their phone.  Maybe they’ve even spent some time with your YouTube collection of station videos, following a link from your website or your Facebook page.

Gettin’ Old School on ya, maybe they’ve even gone to one of your appearances or events.

So many ways to experience your brand!

Yet, such a short list of things that matter to people about you.

Perhaps they know that you play a good bunch of Country songs, which happens to be their favorite music.  They’ve learned that when you say “10 in a row,” that means they’ll probably hear a good song when they turn you on.  Maybe your morning show makes them laugh, changing their mood first thing in the morning when they’re already getting stressed out just thinking about what they have to do that day.

Music they like, and lots of it.  A few good, needed laughs.  Most likely, no one else provides that service in quite the same way for them.  They reward you with their attention and their time as a result.

Yet, so often, when you go to a station’s website, you see precious little about what really made them successful in the first place.

When you read their social media, sometimes you have to scroll back days and days before you find anything brand-related … you know, something that might actually increase ratings or web hits.

When you see them on-site at an event, maybe the station’s playing.  Maybe not.  Most likely, there’s a part-timer behind the table with a banner and a prize wheel.  Maybe more people would come to station appearances if there were anything about the station to really interact with.

No, not THAT secret!

Here’s the secret.  Quit thinking about yourself as a transmitter owner.  You are a show business professional … you are a purveyor of entertainment they want … no matter how they choose to have it delivered.

So, when it comes to social media, our biggest fans are following us, hoping to get more of what they love about us.  And so many of us radio brands talk about anything but that on our Facebook pages.

More access.  More winning.  More music.  More news about what makes you special.  Start giving it to them in your social media, and they’ll come listen more and look at your website more.  That’s the secret to digital brand integration.

And on some level, you knew it all the time.

Let’s talk about exactly how you can make this happen for your radio brands.  Click my name to the right to contact me!

Chris Miller


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