Don’t Be The Only One Who Missed These Tips!

If you’re one of the many folks who’ve just recently started clicking around here, I’ll save you some time and take you on a guided tour of some of the most-read pages here, so you’re up to speed as quickly as possible.

MORE ABOUT WHO “LIKES” YOU & WHY.  When you start talking about Facebook marketing, many people automatically think it means talking to consumers who aren’t now using your brand.

In reality, we continue to learn about social media users who “Like” a brand on Facebook or follow it on Twitter.

There’s a high concentration of your biggest fans signing up to follow you.  This means you’re not talking to people just discovering you.  You’re talking to people who know your brand … and enjoy you … and are looking for more of you than ever before.

So you really don’t want to just tweet your on-air promo liners at them.  These are your frequent fliers, and social media is how you can give them special stuff.  Go here to read “More About Who Likes You & Why.”

PROVEN TIPS TO WRITE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA.  How you say it on Facebook counts at least as much as what you say.

Say too much, and people don’t pay attention.  Use the wrong tone, and you get hidden or dis-Liked.

The temptation for radio brands is to cut and paste promo liners written for the air staff.  Or, for DJs to write posts as if they were saying them on the air.  Well, if you find yourself writing a Facebook post for your brand that starts with, “Hey, Facebook fans, this is [jock name],” just click delete and read this post about “Proven Tips to Write for Social Media.”

MISSED OPPORTUNITIES.  Social media is a real boon to radio, because it puts us in front of some of our biggest fans.  When we show them some extra lovin’ in ways that gets them back for extra listening occasions and extra website visits, everyone wins.  The listener wins … the radio brand wins.

Yet … (deep sigh) … so many radio folks are just on Facebook because they think they need to be.  Or, their big goal is to get more people to “Like” them on Facebook.  Or, they’re Tweeting just to hear themselves Tweet.

In this post, we found three real-life Facebook posts where brand-building opportunities were missed.  In one, they posted something that had nothing to do with the format at all.  In another, they missed the chance to bond with heavy listeners in a special way.  And in a third, we pointed out how many stations miss the chance for extra web hits when they get into social media.

Read about these “Missed Opportunities” and learn from them!

I’ve had a great time talking about radio brands and social media with a bunch of folks around the country.  Maybe some of them are your competitors.  Would you like to get smarter, more quickly than them?  Click my name to the right and let’s start a conversation about making all your digital tools brand-building ones …

Chris Miller


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