Using Your Power Words

That boring slogan of yours that you are so tired of hearing?  Those may be your power words.

Does it tell listeners what’s uniquely lovable about your brand?  Does it describe how your fans position you in their minds?  Probably pretty meaningful, huh?

You use it on the air.  You use it in your marketing.  It’s probably visible at your website somewhere.  It might be on banners you hang at events.

How often do you use it in your brand-building social media?  Probably not very often.  Go ahead and look.  I’ll wait.

<Chris spends a few minutes whistling and drumming his fingers>

There, see?  If you’re like 99 radio brands out of 100, it’s hardly there on your social media.

However … here’s the tricky part.  This is actually a bit of a marketing execution puzzle:

You want to put your power words out in front of your target audience.  Whatever you’re known for … being Today’s Country, playing 10-in-a-row, or Dave and Sheila in the Morning … you want to be claiming that in social media.

At the same time, you can’t talk on Facebook like you do in radio promos or DJ chatter.  You need to be more understated, more one-on-one, and a whole lot briefer than ever before.  So you can’t just end every social media post with, “here on Tulsa’s home for the hottest hits!”

FIRST ACTION OPTION:  Is there something important about you that can be boiled down to two or three words?  If so, you might include it in the title of your Facebook (or other social media) pages.  Instead of “97.1 The River” or “99.5 WGAR,” you might be “97.1 The River – Atlanta’s Classic Hits” or “99.5 WGAR – Cleveland’s Country.”  Then, whenever you post, your uniqueness is there to remind people why they like your brand.  However, if your position is “Dallas/Fort Worth’s Best Variety of Continuous Easy Listening Favorites … with Less Talk,” let’s just move on to the next option.

SECOND ACTION OPTION:   This one takes more care and is somewhat harder to execute.  Think about the very short list of things that people love about you.  “Hip-hop,” “50 minutes commercial-free,” “we play everything.”

Now you’re going to use them more like you’re doing hypnosis, and less like you’re promoting something.

For so many years, we’ve been using our important words in such formulaic ways … to start and end promos; to make it easy for DJs to say them over and over; or to add sizzle to sales pieces.  In social media, we have to bring the hype level way, way down to get heard … and avoid getting hidden.  So you have to use these important phrases completely conversationally.  So, instead of posting,

Good Morning!  It’s Megan McBride getting you through your workday!  Have you heard Britney’s “Till The World Ends” remix with Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha?

… you could, instead, say …

We’re all about today’s hottest hits … tell us what you think of Britney’s “Till The World Ends” remix with Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha.

You just have to be careful about how you do it.  It’s better to sneak in your power words frequently and artfully … than force them in awkwardly every time.  That should lead you to a conversation about who’s posting for you, and how they’re performing.

Speaking of conversations … click my name to the right to learn how to contact me.  We can start a free, no-obligation conversation about your situation and your social media efforts.  We can talk about the whole scope of your digital efforts, if you’d like.

Chris Miller


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