Size Matters

You may tell yourself that the size doesn’t matter when it comes to your Facebook posts.  Maybe your fans will still stop to read a lengthy post that … just might not be all that satisfying.  But deep inside, you know you could lose a couple of inches from your sentences, and have them coming back for more.

Sorry, I was just reading what was in my spam folder and must have been influenced by those emails!  Still, it’s good to be brief in social media.

The shorter your posts … the more to the point they are … the easier they are to read … and the more likely they are to get acted on. Let’s look at some examples of super-brief Facebook posts by different radio brands.  These people really know how to edit. Clear Channel’s Rock 105.3 in San Diego posted this about their morning show.  If what they wrote doesn’t get your attention, adding extra radio-type-lingo ain’t gonna do the job, either.  It’s very spare and very effective … including the link to the main page of the station’s website.  Personally, I would have recommended a link to one of The Show’s pages.  Still, well done. 97.1 The Drive, one of the three Chicago stations that Bonneville is selling to Hubbard, posted this elegantly simple sentence.  It’s informal, totally conversational and free of hype, and yet is 100% related to the station brand.  There’s no way someone would gloss over it because it’s too wordy.  The only improvement might be a link to listen live, or a link to the page where they explain the feature. So if you’re a Country fan, you know who Kenny Chesney is; you probably enjoy his music; and you might well be curious about this new singer you’ve never heard of who’s singing a duet with him.  Not only is this post compelling and brief; it’s also the deep, focused content you want on the website to attract you super-duper-P1s.  A pat on the back to CBS’s US 99.5 in Chicago. Speaking of deep, focused content to please your P1’s, KSLX posted this ultra-brief message on their Facebook page.  Lots of announcers talk “DJ talk” on Facebook, which is just silly.  However … one thing a good jock does is convey an appreciation of the music through his or her whole style, using as few words as possible.  Here, it happened on Facebook.  Kudos to 100.7 KSLX, Sandusky’s Classic Rocker in Phoenix.  One improvement:  post the video on your website, and send people there next time.  You’ll get the hits instead of YouTube. I’ve mentioned that I’m a fan of KRMG‘s social media; they’re Cox’s News/Talk stations in Tulsa.  This very brief post about a hot-button issue in Oklahoma links to a page with the news story, a poll, and also a link to audio comments by listeners about the law.  Well executed … start to finish. I don’t know what this contest is, but it looks complicated.  It’s the sort of thing about which a regular radio brand social media post might be something like:  “Make sure you vote starting Tuesday for your favorite deserving family in 98.5 KTIS’s “Family Reunion” contest!  The winner could get (blah, blah, blah) and you’ll know you helped out a family in need! Here’s today’s family, the Hochstetlers!”

There is no way to deal with the whole contest in social media without just getting ignored or hidden … it’s too complicated.  98.5 KTIS, Northwestern College’s Christian Contemporary station in Minneapolis/St. Paul, is simply highlighting one family at a time … which shows the proper focus.  Quick, brief emotion, and one family highlighted per day gets people in to understand just how the heck this contest is going to work.


Are you happy with your social media efforts?  Are they moving people to listen and go to your website?  Get in touch with me and let’s start a conversation about the sorts of things you might do to build your brand with new digital tools.  Click my name to the right to get started!

Chris Miller


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