Try These Ideas for Engagement

One frustrating thing about much that’s written about social media is that terms get thrown around without really being explained or understood.

One of these terms is engagement.  It’s like the classic description of pornography … it’s tough to define, but we know it when we see it.

You play a role in managing a radio brand.  Engagement simply means the developing of a two-way relationship using new media tools.  So, the raw numbers we tend to look at don’t really matter; how many Facebook fans or Twitter followers or website hits you get is only the very beginning of the story.

It doesn’t even really count if you do a lot of stuff in social media that doesn’t help your brand.  If you have a station Facebook page, people don’t “Like” you because you are a friend … they are attracted by your brand.  That’s very different.

It’s what you do with those fans and followers and visitors to get them to use your brand on-air and online that counts.  If your job is helping to build the brand, use your digital tools to get people doing more stuff with your brand!

Much of what’s written about social media doesn’t come from people with real branding experience, and certainly very, very little of it is specifically for radio.  So, here are some ideas to build brand engagement:

  • Post regularly and fairly frequently about specific things going on with your brand … music, morning show content, contests, special shows or features, or new material at your website that has to do with your brand.  Include links!
  • Ask questions.  Ask what they think of certain things your brand does, or if they like them or not.  Use the Facebook Question feature to give them multiple choice answers.
  • Interact.  If they start a thread on your page, answer it.  Same thing if they “hijack” a thread you started.  Use the chance to talk with them about what’s on their mind.
  • Make sure it’s really easy to find yourself on Facebook from your website.  Same thing applies if you have a Twitter feed.
  • Don’t update your Facebook page from Twitter, however.  Doesn’t look at good, so it doesn’t get as many clicks.
  • If a jock updates a blog, post it on your social media.
  • Make your fans feel special.  For all the big stuff you promote, do so first in social media and on your website.  Yes, BEFORE it goes on the air.  Give them extra ways to win through your website and social media.
  • If you have something you REALLY want them to know about you, create a special landing page for yourself at Facebook … don’t just have them land on your wall.
  • Start doing some of this stuff, and be patient.  It can take some time for people to warm up and start interacting with you.
If you’ve been wrestling with how best to use social media to build your brand, I hope you have a chance to try some of these, and stick with it.  I can help you with customized plans to use your digital tools to build your brands as seamlessly and quickly as possible.  Conversations are free; strategic help with the right tactics is reasonably priced.
P.S. — Want to see Facebook’s own “Best Practices” guide for marketing on their site?  Here ya go.

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