The Power of Brand-Building Links

If you’re doing social media as part of your digital strategy to build your brand … instead of just doing it to do it … here are three examples of brilliant linkage!

Think about links that radio brands post on Facebook.  Many of them have to do with something that someone thought the listeners might find interesting … but don’t have anything to do with the brand.

Many more have to do with contests and other promotions, but don’t deal with the brand features that people love … the things that make people listen in the first place.

Some, however, are just dead-on … not only is the subject matter totally germane to the station brand, but also the post is written in a way that shows a real understanding for the fan.

If you know anything about the country audience, you immediately understand the power of this one-sentence Facebook post.  This is great brand-building stuff, because patriotism and supporting the military tends to be a winning formula for country stations and country listeners.  It’s especially timely with the news of Bin Laden’s death, too.  However, there’s no way that you would probably play all ten of these songs on the air in your regular playlist.  You also wouldn’t want to take a half-hour and play them back to back on the radio.  But if you mention on the air … or in social media … that you have this list at your website, all of a sudden you’re providing deep, focused content … the sort that your fans want you to dedicate your digital tools to bringing to them.  Kudos to CBS’s 99.5 WYCD in Detroit for this smart move.  Click the post to see the list.

Here’s a winning post from Cox’s WSB/Atlanta.  It’s a discussion between libertarian talk host Neal Boortz, who is syndicated but based at WSB, and Jamie Dupree, who covers news from Washington, DC, for a group of Cox stations.  Obviously, it’s timely since it was posted the day after the news of Bin Laden’s death was announced.  The real power is that this, too, is deep, focused content that totally fits for both Boortz fans and people listening to WSB for news.  That’s great, brand-building social media.  If you click the post above, you can hear the audio.

Clear Channel’s Jam’n 945 in Boston used this brand-building post well.  Michael Jackson continues being both a hot topic for and a beloved figure to 20- and 30-something women … many of whom listen to CHR and Hot AC radio.  Chris Brown’s new song borrows heavily on Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature.”  Chris Brown dedicated the video to Michael, and the dance moves definitely look Michael-esque.  So, this, too, is a good use of social media and web space, and is a great thing to send listeners online to check out.  Click the post to see the video.

So, none of these posts are earth-shaking, life-changing content.  It’s just that the commitment to look for this sort of stuff, to dig deep beyond just tweeting your promo liners, is what makes a difference.  You don’t have to have the most creative content; you don’t have to have the most funny or outrageous or edgy content.  You need to be using your website and your social media to bring stuff to the attention of your fans that fits your brand.  That’s what it’s about … building your brand.

Holler at me and let’s talk about the brands you’re trying to build, and what you’re doing with that cool new digital toolbox you got!

Chris Miller


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