You Know More Than You Think

You know more about how to do good work in the digital realm than you think you do.  After all, it’s just more media.

On the air, you’re probably good at keeping down the clutter level.  That makes it easier for your fans to find what they REALLY want from you.  So why is your website such a cluttered mess?

Is your website a candidate for "Hoarders" or "Clean House" on TV?

Your on-air product is nicely focused, so that it’s easy to understand what you’re good for.  Yet … on Facebook and Twitter, you’re talking about anything that comes to mind … often except what people love about you.

Think about the biggest websites.  Google.  Facebook.  YouTube.  They’re all very focused.

Google is all about search; rarely does their front page word count rise above 50.

Facebook is all about socializing.  As busy as the content could be, there’s a ton of white space so it’s easy to use.

YouTube is all about videos.  YouTube has unbelievably deep content and a huge worldwide reach.  Even so, the front page is very organized and clean.

The easier it is to read and use a website, the more it gets used.  Plus, if you look at the social media posts of the web’s leading sites, you’ll find a similar sense of focus.

So, where is your sense of focus?

Next time you look at your web stats, you will almost undoubtedly see that a few different things get the vast majority of your hits.  What if you took off … or reorganized … all the extra crap at your website that doesn’t get hits?  Yeah, I know there are things that your clients or promotion partners or corporate folks demand you have up there.

Just start by saying out loud with other people around, “How do we highlight the things that draw people to our website?  That’s what we REALLY want to focus on.”  That, alone, will start making a big change in your website for the better.

Meanwhile, how about social media?  Make two short lists.  Make a list of what people know and love about you on the air.  This will probably be a half-dozen items or less.  While you’re at it, make a list of what people are going to your website for.  Again … a short list.

Then, agree that half of your social media posts will be about that stuff … in other words, about your brand.  You can go on posting the promotional appearances, celebrity news, funny videos, whatever you’ve been posting.  Just start by making half of your posts about what is unique and mass appeal about you.

Keep the social media posts fresh, too … don’t just post “listen online.”  Instead, “The Morning Crew plays the new Katy Perry at 7:20; here’s a link to listen online.”

Start doing this stuff … and don’t get sidetracked by whatever the new tech-du-jour is … and you’ll be taking a big step to upgrade your digital performace!

It’s new media, but it’s just more media.  You know what to do with media.  Keep it focused and fan-centered!

Click my name to the right to contact me to continue this … All About You-style.

Chris Miller

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