Brewing Your Brand’s Social Success

What do they think, when your fans go to your website … or read your posts on Facebook or Twitter … or see your videos on YouTube …

They’re thinking about what they’ve learned about you from listening to your brand on the radio.  They’re comparing what you’re doing in digital with what they’ve learned to expect from you on the air.

Are you really integrating your content?

Let’s say you started following your favorite neighborhood coffee joint on Facebook.  You like them a lot.  The people are pleasant; they give good service; it’s easy to get in and get out; and they have really good coffee.

When you see their Facebook posts show up on your wall, it’s stuff like,

  • “What are you doing to enjoy this beautiful weekend?”
  • “Anybody else watching American Idol?”
  • “Jamie, who’s here in the morning, is thinking about getting a new piercing.  What do you think?”
  • “Have you seen this video of this talking dog?  LOL!!”

… you’re probably going to stop paying attention to them.

I actually did follow a coffee place that I loved.  They were trying to expand into having wine and beer and live music at night.  90% of their business still came from coffee customers, but 90% of the posts were about what wine they were serving and which unknown band was playing tonight.  As much as I liked them in real life, I dis-Liked them on Facebook pretty darn fast.

However, if they had posted stuff like …

  • “How about an iced latte’ on your way to the Sunset Balloon Festival tonight?  Even the decaf ones are pretty yummy.”
  • “Tuesday is Social Pastry Day … when you buy your coffee drink, tell us you follow us on Facebook and your pastry is free.”
  • “Jen is the new barista who’s here weekend mornings.  Stop in on your way to Saturday errands or on your way home from church on Sunday and say ‘Hi’ and see what she can brew up for you.”
  • “All next week, you can drop off a donation for the Red Cross to help out those devastated by the recent storms in Alabama.”  

… I would probably a) pay attention, b) go in and follow some of their suggestions, and c) look forward to what they would post in the future.

See, if you’re a brand, and I “Like” you on Facebook or follow your tweets on Twitter … I’m already pre-disposed to like what you do.  You don’t have to make me like you more.  You need to satisfy me with special offers, insider info, and extra access to what I want.

All the effort you put into all your digital platforms isn’t going to matter if it doesn’t meet with your fans’ expectations of your brand.

To take this further and start a conversation about exactly what and when YOU should be doing in social media and all your digital platforms, click my name and give me a holler …

Chris Miller

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