Stand By For News!

You may have missed these stories that could help you get a better handle on your brand’s social media, so I’m gonna share them with you now.  If you’re a member of our Daily Radio Social Media page on Facebook, you may have already seen these.

So often, you see Facebook and Twitter treated as roughly co-equal social media sites.  Here’s a piece that shows that, for top news sites, Facebook drives more traffic than Twitter.

Twitter makes a great bulletin or message service.  You send out your short message, and if you have a lot of followers, a certain number of them see it almost immediately.  The problem is: the action stops there!  As a rule, people don’t click the links they get via Twitter.  If you want to build web traffic … or get people to listen to your station at a certain time … Twitter will disappoint you.

However, if you post a link on Facebook, chances are much better that your fans will click it.  I find it’s easier to get people to follow you on Twitter than on Facebook … but the relationships you build on Facebook are much more powerful when it comes to enticing people to turn on your station or go to your website or visit your event.

I also wanted you to see this article about five branded YouTube channels.  Radio stations are great at doing plenty of social media posting, but so many of those posts have little to do with the basic radio brand.  In addition, while many of us are storing videos at YouTube, most of us are not paying a lot of attention to the experience of going to our brand’s page, and what it’s like.

This is not to say you should put a lot of attention to your YouTube page.  Instead, I’d like you to take a real brand consciousness and a brand focus and bring it to whatever social media you are doing now.  In other words, find ways to post interesting, enjoyable stuff about what people are coming to you for … the stuff that makes you unique and mass appeal.  In other words, not a video of a funny talking dog!

Finally, I think it’s a good idea to at least read through The PR Pro’s Guide to Facebook.  If you post to your brand’s Facebook page, you are doing public relations, and there’s some good basic stuff to think about.  You may be doing a lot of it already!  That’s great.  Let it reinforce the good decisions you’ve already made, or help guide you to be more successful bonding with your audience.  I hope it leaves you with the thought that with some planning and structure, plus clarity and focus, you can interact with your fans on Facebook even better.  They’ll enjoy your content and it’ll fit with what you’re already doing, instead of being another chore on the ol’ to-do list.

Hey, I’m always happy to talk with you about these or any other digital-types subjects you’re working through!  This is not a sales pitch; it’s a relationship pitch.  If you’ve read this far, you’re ahead of the curve on this topic. Shoot me an email and let’s start a conversation … click my name to get my contact info.

Chris Miller


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