Lead With Your Strength …

… and if your radio brands play music, that’s probably your real strength.

Let’s face it, there has been some public freaking out on the part of radio folks about new media!  We start saying that to compete, we need …

  • the best compelling content
  • to be hyper-local
  • funny, relatable, high-profile personalities
  • lifestyle content so our target knows we understand them
  • and so on and on and on.

Not that any of that stuff is bad … but if you polled your average heavy listeners, you know what they’d say was the best thing about you?  The music you play.  They love it.  It makes them feel good.  Instantly … as soon as they turn you on, if you’re doing it right.

But even music-intensive radio brands often use social media to talk about everything but the music they play.

After working in the digital world for over a year, I gotta tell ya:  most pure internet businesses would kill for the heritage and authority and action of an established music-intensive radio brand.

So post some stuff about your music.  Some of this is just good PPM-era jocking!  Here are some ideas:

  • Find one of your strongest songs in the upcoming music log and tell people when it’s going to play.
  • Post a video of a new song by a core artist and ask for feedback … even if you’re not playing it yet.
  • Do an “artist of the week” feature where you post videos and a bio and a discography of a core artist … especially if people can click through and buy the music.
  • Do a tease for an artist or group where you reveal something interesting about them but not who they are … “At 2:20, we’ll play a new song from the woman who proposed to her motocross rider husband by holding up a sign at a race that read, ‘Will you marry me?’ Click below to listen.”
  • Do a Facebook Question about the best song from an artist or group with multiple hits.
  • Ask questions that fit your format.  What country song do you find yourself singing to yourself all the time?  What soft rock favorite always makes you feel good?  Which of these classic tunes still rocks harder than anything?
  • Post links to your online stream to listen to your regular on-air music benchmarks or special features.
  • Post links to your list of previous songs played, and remind your fans of other things they can do with that list (rate the music, buy an iTunes download, buy the CD, whatever).

I’m sure you can think of plenty of other music-oriented posts, now that you’re thinking in this vein.

By the way, if you really want to look at integrating your music and your digital tools … and engage with your audience … look at Listener Driven Radio or Jelli.

Click my name for my contact info.  You can send me an email or call me to talk about what YOU can do that’s really special …

Chris Miller

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One comment

  1. Mike Girard

    Another great blog Chris!

    There are some industries for which social media should be a seamless addition … at least in theory. Putting it into practice is another matter altogether.

    I think you hit on two important points here:

    1. Industry expert status is automatically bestowed on a radio station that enters the social media sphere. The history that many radio stations can bring to their social media efforts increases their cred. You don’t have to be the BBC to have a history.

    2. That in many cases jocking on the radio is the same as jocking on Twitter or Facebook.

    These two points are fundamental and you nailed them.

    Michael Girard
    Community Engagement, Radian6

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