Good Examples: Substance. Timeliness. Branded.

Yesterday, we summed up the results of a study about what your social media fans really think about your posts.

So today, we’ll have some examples of radio brand activity on Facebook that hit the mark on:

  • having meaningful substance
  • being timely
  • having to do with the brand

I’ve signed up for hundreds … maybe thousands … of radio brand social media feeds, but it still took a lot of scrolling to find these.  What may surprise you about them is how … basic they are.  So many radio brands are just trying so hard on Facebook and Twitter to be entertaining and social and multi-media and … losing sight of the brand.

Substance?  I’d say the above chance to hear some Lady Gaga tracks before they go on sale has some substance.  Timely?  Yeah, we’re getting advance notice before this promotion actually takes place.  And, branded?  While this is a multi-station Clear Channel promotion through iheartradio, this clearly is a great fit for a CHR like Y100 … it’s just up to them to brand it as their own.

So what you have is the chance for the target listener to get something special and meaningful to them, that fits with the radio brand delivering it to them.  Plus, they’re hearing about it in advance.  That works.

Not every promotion will fit these criteria.  Most won’t.  Many that you do might not really be an exclusive brand fit for your station … or might not be particularly time-sensitive … or just not something your listeners care about that much.

By the way, I saw this post from a number of Clear Channel CHRs.  Not all of them included a link to the web page so fans could get more info.  Points off for that.

Obviously, this is an easy one that wins on all three counts for news/talk stations … and other stations with a big news or service information image.

The Trump pseudo-candidacy was a big, attention-grabbing story.  His official announcement that he’s not running is timely.  For a news-focused station like KOMO in Seattle to go with this is a no-brainer.  But … they also added to it by asking for responses.

Most stations don’t have a news image (just because you do morning drive news updates doesn’t mean you have a news image).  Most stories don’t pack this sort of interest.  This story on this sort of station definitely works.  For a news/talk station, NOT to have done it would have been a mistake.

Here’s one that doesn’t even involve winning something.  Triple-A fans of WXRT in Chicago could get in on the presale for Death Cab For Cutie.  Those who are VIP members would trade in some of the points they’ve earned to do so.  This band is a great fit for ‘XRT, so it’s branded with substance.  The presale is timely info.  Good one.

PDs in PPM markets are working hard to create meaningful listening appointments on the air.  How often do we see them show up in social media?  We learned in yesterday’s blog post that social media posts have the permanence of a butterfly belch, but this is a great way to help get people in for your listening appointments.

However, a listening appointment is not, “Listen all day for your chance to win!”  You have to narrow down the window … here, to hopefully get people to listen across into two quarter hours.

Do you see that you’re probably already talking about things on the air that would be great social media posts?  You can also look back at Monday’s blog about posting about your music, and you should have all sorts of ideas to keep your social media on focus for your brand.

Or, click my name to start a confidential conversation about getting your digital assets to get you where you want to go!

Chris Miller

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