Where’d The Music Go?

At 1:41pm ET on Tuesday 5/17, I started this post.  I went to my Facebook page with hundreds of different radio brands’ social media posts … and nothing but radio brands.  I started scrolling and scrolling …..

I was looking for the first five posts that had to do with hearing music … on-air, or online.  I didn’t count the ones about TV shows based on music (Glee, American Idol) because those were about TV, not music.  Similarly, I didn’t count posts about concerts or other events that might have music at them.  My goal was to see how many posts I had to read before getting to 5 different ones about hearing music either on the air or online.

The 24th post I came to was:

Non-commercial WXPN/Philadelphia, while definitely not a mass-appeal station, is leading with its strength.  Good on ’em for that.  And good for them for finding five artists from Norway.

Scrolling down, the second music-oriented post I came to was the 37th one down on my Facebook wall:

I said I wouldn’t include concerts, but I did include this one because I could click on it … right there on my Facebook wall … and hear music.  So my old homies at Triple-A KINK/Portland get included in the winner’s circle today.

The third music post I came to was 67th down my Facebook wall:

I checked this one from Country US99.5/Chicago carefully … because while it’s about voting for one song versus another, it takes a little work to hear these artists.  I found that by doing a little extra clicking, I could find a way to hear both Sunny Sweeney and the Zac Brown Band on US 99.5’s website.  It wasn’t easy, however.  They didn’t offer to play a sample of either song on the page where they were running the poll.

Here’s the fourth music post I came to … #98 on the way down my Facebook wall.

Yeah, it’s about a contest, but it’s about listening at a certain time to hear a band that’s a core artist for Classic Rock 102.9 WMGK/Philadelphia.  It’s like the post from KINK/Portland, above … if there hadn’t been something about listening to music on-air or online, I wouldn’t have included it.  But notice that we’ve had to go almost a hundred radio-only posts down the wall to find four that had to do with hearing music.

Number five?  Come on down to the 133rd post down my Facebook wall.

Again, a contest … but here’s the song on my computer screen, and I could also hear it on the air later this afternoon!  Hot AC Mix 107.3 in Washington, DC, makes an effective listening appointment.  Now I know what the song sounds like, if I had any doubt.  I can enjoy the video on my computer.  And, I know when to listen, and how to win.  Nice work.

Earlier this week, we talked about how research shows that the most effective social media posts are timely, of substance, and brand-related.  If you’re a music station, what’s more related to your brand than music?  Not all your posts have to be about music.  But I’d recommend that some of them be!  Five out of 133 seems a little on the light side, wouldn’t you agree?

Instead of talking theory, let’s talk specifics.  Holler at me or send me email … learn how to contact me when you click my name, below.

Chris Miller


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