Social Media News Briefing

When you’re part of the Daily Radio Social Media Facebook page, you get extra social media news updates.  Here’s what we clued you into last week.


Can I point out that these 17 Twitter Tips from Mashable Connect Attendees show how different Twitter really is from Facebook?  So often, we lump Facebook and Twitter together like they’re two peas in a pod.  But read these … some are pompous and vague, some are pretty good practical ideas.

We’ve blogged here about how Twitter makes a great bulletin service.  We’ve also shown how some users … Pandora, among them … use Twitter mostly as a way to communicate one-on-one.

By the way, Mashable Connect is a digital media conference that was held just about a week ago.


SEO and SEM stand for “search engine optimization” and “search engine marketing,” respectively.  They’re hot topics in the digital world.  It’s all about getting yourself ranked as high as possible, when you’re part of a set of search results on Google and other search engines.

Radio brands have the luxury of being able to send tons of people to their websites by mentioning it on the air.  Most digital brands are not that lucky!  But couldn’t you use some more web hits just the same?  Daniel Astandig, in his Radio-Info column, “connected,” reviewed Nine Ways to Get More Traffic from Search Engines.  I guarantee that your competitors are almost certainly not doing these … even though the web’s top brands are deep into this stuff.


I’m a former Adult Contemporary Program Director.  AC listeners are just not as passionate about the music as, say, Country or Rock or Hip Hop fans are.  However, AC listeners are some of the hardest working people on the planet.  They tend to be working moms, who are committed to both a paying job and their job working for the family.

It always seemed to me that … somehow, someway … an AC station could create an online community to support those hard-working gals.  What would it take … content?  Mutual support?  I don’t know the answer, but if this sort of community has ever occurred to you, check out Five Tips for Building Vibrant Branded Online Communities.


Speaking of web communities, here’s a quick summary of Five Ways Social Media Has Changed Marketing Campaigns.  Notice how the marketing process … formerly, a one-way method of communication … has become more community-like?

Just something you might want to think about as you post about your brand on Facebook!


This was written for the hospitality industry, but as you read through it, you’ll realize there’s good lessons for all sorts of brands.  “Understanding and Managing Risks Associated with Social Media” sounds unbelievably dull, but there’s good info there for managers … to help you understand that this is yet another way in which you are putting your brand out there in the public’s eye.  Thus, there are some points you’ll want to make sure you’ve considered.


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