Grab Bag o’ Thought-Starters

Here’s a handful of ideas that never seemed to develop themselves into full blog posts, but they may get your creative wheels turning.


A smart PD I used to work with, John Paul of Dial-Global, posted on his blog recently about “Relate-A-Record.”  That’s what a friend of mine calls the silly tendency of many DJs to use a song title to try to be funny or segue to another topic.  You know, “that’s the Eurythmics, with ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’ … speaking of which, the ol’ weatherman says they’re right, and we have a 30% chance of scattered thundershowers…”

So much of what we say in social media comes from that same place.  Is it that we hear the phrase “social media,” and we think people want our jocks to be friends of theirs?

Surveys show that when people follow brands in social media, they feel that posts related to the brand are the most helpful.  They usually have plenty of Facebook friends; they don’t need another.  They may not have another favorite radio station, however.


Roy H. Williams, the “Wizard of Ads,” says that “Clarity is the new creativity.”  So long as we’re all being bombarded by different marketing and communication messages all day long, simply being creative ain’t gonna make a bit of difference.  Roy’s advice to differentiate your product:

1. See it though the eyes of the public. (Insiders have too much knowledge.)

2. Ignore everything that doesn’t matter.

3. Focus on what the public actually cares about.

4. Say it in the fewest possible words.

5. Close the loopholes by anticipating the customer’s unspoken questions.

Those are great tips for when you start talking about your brand on Facebook.


Are you planning your social media posts in advance?  Remember, using a program like Hootsuite will allow you to plot out the brand messages that will help you reach your goals.  Instead of always wondering what your next social media post should be, you can always be on top of what you’re posting about and when.  (It’s not the program, it’s the planning that does it for ya.)

Come to think of it, since you’re coordinating brand content across your station, your website and your social media, you might want to get the few important creative players together every week to make sure you’re really on top of things.  I’m thinking the PD, the promotion director, a key jock or two, and the webmaster should take a half-hour a week to figure out how they’re going to coordinate the stuff that’s really important to the brand.  That way, daily circumstances don’t end up setting the agenda.


When you really want to attract attention to a post of yours on Facebook … do you start it, “Hey, Facebook fans!”

I’d like to point out that they’re not hearing you, they’re reading your words.  When we read online, our eyes move about looking for something interesting or attention-grabbing.

At a public event, you might get attention if you grab the mic and say, “Hey, everyone, listen up!”  However, they don’t hear you if you write it.  Their eyes are more likely to ignore what you say if you use a cliche’ like that.  Especially if there’s something more interesting above or below you on the page.


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