The Power of Brand-Building Links, Part 2

The most powerful social media posts are the ones that fit perfectly with your brand … and help or interest your fans, too.  The Power of Brand-Building Links from a few weeks ago has become one of our most helpful posts so far.  So, here’s Part 2.

Many radio stations post stuff on Facebook that doesn’t have anything to do with their brand.  Here are some that ARE brand-beneficial, and also meant to attract the listener or brand fan, too.

Here’s a really simple one:

Portland’s classic rocker, 92.3 KGON, has invited social media engagement on a post that has to do with both their heritage-yet-out-of-the-market morning show, and the type of music they play.  That all helps their brand.  Plus, it’s good stuff for the listener.

Quick easy upgrades:  When are they on the Mark & Brian show?  Also, you can post a link to the station’s stream to hear it online.

Jimmy Baron, who does mornings for triple-A 92.9 Dave FM in Atlanta, clearly has a great idea for a morning show bit.  This is the sort of thing we talked about in February’s Before the Next Morning Show.  Your social media fans are people who went looking for more engagement with you.  If they’re not going to want to play along with something like this, who will?

Quick easy upgrade:  When will this happen on the air?  This was posted Tuesday after the morning show, and Oprah’s last show is tomorrow, so I assume it’s tomorrow morning … but confirmation and a specific time (or range of times) would be helpful to fans.

This is one of my favorite posts, because it’s just so damn good.  After playing a Dylan tune on Bob’s 70th birthday, New York’s classic hits station, WCBS-FM 101.1, sent their fans to their website for some solid deep, focused content.

Now if you poke around, you’ll find that other CBS Radio sites have posted this same stuff.  That doesn’t matter.  WCBS-FM took it, made it their own, and tied it seamlessly to their brand.

Quick easy upgrade:  Just one suggestion … you and I can use “content” when we’re talking about this stuff.  It’s not really a listener word, however.  Even though it’s a little wordier, you’ll strike a stronger chord with them if you say, “photo galleries, videos, memories” … whatever it is you actually have posted.

I see so many adult contemporary stations working so hard to bond with their fans using content that has nothing to do with the brand.  Not that that doesn’t have its place … but it’s refreshing to see something like this, above, that’s just about what listeners love about a good AC station.  Commercial-free tunes to start the workday; and a big cash prize.  Congrats to K104.7 in Charlotte for posting what made them successful in the first place.  This is the sort of thing listeners are likely to regard as helpful, unlike lifestyle news and funny videos.

Quick easy upgrades:  Give them this link to your page about your contest.  Also, draw attention to the Commercial-Free workday kickoff by making those the first words in the post … put you signature at the end, like so: “…when to call!  –Brandon”

I about fell out of my chair when I saw this.  A soft AC station, posting something about their music?  That almost never happens!  However, Easy 93.1 in Miami celebrated Gloria Estafan with this video posting.  Even though AC fans don’t tend to be overly passionate about the music or artists, is it a plus for them to be able to see as well as hear good tunes at your website?  You betcha.

Quick easy upgrades:  Is this part of a regular feature … say, an Artist of the Day or Easy Workday Video or something?  Create a special web page to put this on so you get credit for the hits, instead of YouTube.  You can also put more about Gloria Estefan at that page, and cut down your Facebook post from five lines to two or three.


You can see that most of these were pretty easy and simple to execute.  It just took the awareness that brand-building social media is important, and the creativity to use a few tools in a different way.

Click my name to the right and let’s get going on your brand-building social media!

Chris Miller


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