What Radio Brands Can Learn From … This Dude Who Writes for Leno

I’ve been doing a series of weekly blog posts about social media stuff that radio can learn from some of the big brands who’ve scooped up a gazillion fans on Facebook.

I had this week’s “Learn From” brand narrowed down to a few good ones, but then got inspired by someone who’s not a leader on Facebook.  However … what he’s doing with his personal page is very much like what the big, big brands are doing.

Ben Walsh writes gags for Jay Leno.  He writes jokes for radio personalities, too, which you can see at his “Benny the Jokeman” site … but if you’re a Facebook friend of his, you’ll see all the latest stuff he’s written for Leno that makes it on TV.

I see a lot of stuff on my Facebook page.  Not only do I have the hundreds of “friends” who I never really communicate with, I’ve signed up for a ton of branded social media, too.  Plus, I have another Facebook page under my real, “non-radio” name that is all radio … and nothing but radio.

You and I both know that we don’t read every word of every post we see on Facebook or Twitter.  However, whenever I see Ben’s posts, I smile … knowing something good is coming up.  His stuff?  I read every word.

He creates a special feeling by focusing down, not expanding out.  Everything he posts is gags he’s written.  There’s no personal side issues.  If you try and top his joke, or add a chatty comment of your own, he’ll probably erase it.  There’s no other funny stuff, either … no amusing YouTube videos, no posts from other friends … nothing.

What if you could get your social media this focused?  It’s just gags … and quick appreciative comments from friends … and Ben posts “AS SEEN ON TV” when it’s a gag that got used on the Leno show.  Here are some examples:

Think about the short list of qualities that people love about you.  Those are the things that your fans were thinking about when they signed up to “Like” you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.  Are they getting that experience?

Click my name to get your radio brands’ social media super-focused on the good stuff.

Chris Miller


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