21st Century DJs

For years, “DJ” has meant disc jockey.  It’s time for it to mean something new.

After all, DJs usually prefer being called personalities or talent or jocks or even announcers or show hosts/hostesses.  Especially when the local paper writes an article about radio, and refers to the on-air talent as “dee jays.”

Now, with all the power of new digital media in the hands of radio folks, DJ needs to mean Digital Jedi*.

You see, it’s easy for your old ideas to control how you use new media.  Maybe you look at really busy, cluttered websites and think, “Our younger demos will think that’s really cool.”

Maybe the content you put up on your site is mostly funny viral videos and emails that friends have forwarded to you.

Maybe your social media posts are just what you cut and pasted from the liners you wrote for the jocks.

Maybe you’re posting all sorts of content on your website that doesn’t match or support what you do on the radio.

It’s time to work with the force of 21st century brand management.  Just because YouTube has funny videos, that doesn’t mean you have to have them.  Just because your local TV news website has up-to-date news headlines doesn’t mean you, as a music station, have to have them.

Just because you saw a website in 1996 with lots of blinking animation and clashing graphics … it doesn’t mean you can skip targeting the graphic feel of your website.  After all, your link to Netscape probably doesn’t work anymore, either.

Your brand is known for a short list of important items that make you unique and mass appeal (I hope).  Yes, you get to play with new digital media now.  What you are known for on the air should be what you’re focusing on at your website and in your social media, too.

Anyway, that’s what your biggest fans are hoping for.  It’s time to stop being a friend on Facebook, and be a powerful brand.  It’s time to quit being all things to all people on your website, and be as focused as the beam of a lightsaber.

Once you embrace brand management that includes all your different platforms … coordinated and integrated … the power of being a Digital Jedi* will not fail you!

Chris Miller 

PS … *Jedi is probably copyright by Lucasfilms and who knows what other corporate entities.  Thanks to them in advance for not suing my a** for paying tribute to them in this way.


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